4 Natural Hair Gift Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner, if you haven't gotten any gift for the naturalistas in your life don't worry. Entwine is here to save the day as we have 4 gifts ideas for you to choose from this yuletide season. Every gift idea below was carefully researched. And selected to meet the multitude of needs of a naturalista.

So here we go:

1. Boxed Set Of Hair Products - We have the box for you as we now have a //HOLIDAY HYDRATION// GROWTH & STYLE BUNDLE set on sale. It has our complete set of products that will cleanse, treat, hydrate and style your hair. With our holiday hydration for a reduced price, your hair gets exactly what it needs for the holidays. Whether you choose to wear braids, twist out, buns or even wigs, this holiday product box works.

The perfect gift for a HEALTHY, HYDRATED & THRIVING holiday & new year. The HOLIDAY HYDRTION GROWTH & STYLE BUNDLE has it all in at a fabulous price. [Plus, it ships FREE! -U.S. only]

2. Get hair accessories - So we're not talking basic hair accessories like clips, ribbons, etc. Not only are those extremely cheap, they are tacky as it shows you didn't put any effort into the gift. So we're talking glamour as a high quality silk, not silk set. As will, satin pillowcases as your hairs going to be on it every night. And, sheets incase the you don' t like a pillow or your scarf will drop-off when sleeping. These satin will allow you to keep all of your moisture in. Therefore, avoiding frizz, breakage, and much more. No more complaints about your curls being ruined.

3. Salon Trip - You can get a gift card for a natural hair salon visit. It can be for any service or you can be specific as she may want a hair cut, treatment, a particular style, or even a silk press. Ensure to research the salon to ensure that they are well-reviewed with stylists who are very versed in natural hair care styles.

4. The Ultimate Hair Product - With 12 months of the year there must have been a product they have been talking about since the start of the year. Get that product or product. It shows that you're listening and aware. In addition, it can be delivered right to their door as a surprise from you.

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