5 Habits to follow for growing your natural hair


We all want out hair long, thick and shiny so that we can be looking like a goddess. Most of us believe that our hair can't even get to waist length due to our genetics which is further from the truth. Natural hair can grow as it does on a monthly basis. So to kick things up a notch, we must follow these 5 habits. Implementing them will allow you to see your hair's true length potential.

1] Oiling and massaging your scalp daily -

If you want faster hair growth, you should be stimulating your scalp on a daily basis. The best way is by oiling your scalp with a growth oil using our //FLAUNT!// 100% WILD ARGAN OIL, 2oz. Then, massaging the scalp using the pads of your finger or a scalp massaging brush. 

The massaging motion will promote blood circulation to the scalp so the follicles are able to absorb as much nutrients as possible. Once the scalp is nourished, it will promote healthier hair growth for you to reach your goddess' goals.

2] Protecting your hair ends all the time

Next, you should be protecting your hair ends at all time. Regardless of your hairstyles, if you're going to bed and/or riding your car, your hair ends should be protected. You can do styles such as buns which will keep your ends tucked under. As well as protective styles such as wigs and braids that has your natural hair covered. And more importantly, you should be sleeping with your satin cap every night and/or if you're just lazing around the house.

3] Using products from the same brand

To see your true growth, you cannot be using shampoo from A Brand, a conditioner from B Brand then a deep conditioner from C Brand. Brands have formulated they products to work well and better with each other. For your hair to receive the maximum benefit, you have to be using products from the same line. This is why we recommend  following up with our products as your hair will thank you later.

4] Ignoring the 'hot' trends within the natural hair community

Girl, stop following those hot trends within the natural hair community. You do not need to be trying cajun spices on your scalp to promote hair growth or sleeping with your deep conditioner overnight. Ignore all of these fads and stay focused on your hair goal. These 'quick fixes' will stop you from following through on your goal. As well as, they don't always work.

5] Being consistent with your wash day and moisturization routine

Last but not least is to be consistent in your natural hair regimen which includes your wash day routine, moisturization routine and now your hair growth routine. You have to be following the steps on a daily/ weekly basis for you to see your true growth.  Do not skip out on cleansing and conditioning your hair as you need to remove the product build up and re-moisturize your hair for the upcoming week. As well as, you need to hydrate and your seal so your hair stays moisturized throughout the life of your hairstyle. 

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