6 Ways To Renew Your Natural Hair For Spring

Spring is here which usually means that the birds are chirping, the weather is warmer and our overall mood is better. Indirectly, this affects the health of our hair as our hair tends to thrive in warmer climates such as spring. Since we’ve arrived, we need to find ways to maintain the health of our hair in this season.

The best way to maintain the health of your hair is by following these three thresholds:

1. LOVE On Your Hair – I bet you’re wondering what this looks like. However, it’s just as the name suggests, love your hair. This includes embracing the natural texture of your hair. As well as, the natural shrinkage that comes with it. As well as, looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you look good. Or, the continue research of natural hair products that you need to make your hair fully thrive. Loving your hair would include caring for it with different tools, protecting it with healthy products. These will be covered in the subsequent products.





1.  Sleep with Satin – Satin lined material will not absorb the moisture from your hair as you sleep at nights or go about your day. So the satin will act as a barrier between your hair and the elements of the environment. As well as, the cotton sheets/pillowcases that we love to sleep on. Retaining the moisture in our hair as best as we can is important in allowing us to maintain the health of our hair.

2. Deep Condition - Next up, you have to deep condition your hair. Deep conditioning allows your hair to reabsorb the hydration that has been lost from the prior week of styling. In addition, it allows it to be able to withstand any upcoming moisture loss for the days after styling. With our Know It All - Auto Correcting Masque, you'll be able to achieve deep hydration into your hair, stronger hair strands as well prevents damage to the hair. The 3 Plant Proteins and Oils are able to penetrate the hair strand that will PROTECT your hair.


1. Cleansing the scalp – Our scalp is the powerhouse of our hair’s cycle. So if our scalp is not good, then the rest of our hair will not be able to function in an optimal manner. And as such, we should ensure that our scalp is thoroughly cleansed at least every 2 weeks. This ensures that all of the product, and excess sebum is removed from the pores of the scalp so it can produce more sebum needed to coat the new growth. With our Hydrating + Glow Cleanser, it will provide a his highly stimulating experience helps boost the growth cycle of the hair follicle.

2. Massaging the Scalp - Along with our cleanser, you should be using a scalp massager. Scalp massagers promote blood circulation to the scalp in order to transfer the nutrients tot he scalp. Also, it aids in lifting the dead cells from of the scalp so that the gunk, excess oils and sebum are removed as well. Therefore, allowing your scalp to be free to breathe and function as normal. 

3. Using High quality products – When choosing products you have to use products with quality ingredient that do well for your hair. So ingredients that are made of heavy butters and oils with little to no water are not good. These will just sit on the hair without actually penetrating the hair shaft so that it can be absorbed. At Entwine, all of our ingredients are carefully researched and tested to ensure there are no bullshit ingredients being used in the manufacturing of our products.

What other ways will you be protecting, loving and caring for your natural hair this spring?

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