All About Natural Hair Types


Whether you are a new natural or have been in the game for awhile, you should know your hair type. Your hair type isn't a strict structure that you should follow. However, it guides you as to how best to care for your hair. You will learn the products, style, and maintenance tips and tricks that you should be following. 



Here are the 3 natural hair types:

4A - The type 4a has a S-Shape Curl pattern.
It is looser than the other hair types and is more elastic.
4a retains moisture easier than the other hair types however it can still be prone to dryness.
As well as, it doesn't shrink quickly especially if product is applied to.

On wash days  you can keep your hair in two sections as it won't tangle as easy and 4b nd 4c hair. IN addition, it's easier for your tools and  fingers to comb through when you're detangling.

4a hair is mostly seen sporting wash and gos and other curly defined styles.
When creating a hair routine for your 4a hair, you need to have a defined gel for use.
This gel should elongate, provide hold and sheen to your curls. Our //AMP & GO// Curl Amplifying Glaze is suited for our 4a Gals. This long hold, naturally derived styling & designing glaze fie the hair the perfect balance of hold, hydration, shine & movement all in one BOMB @$$ jar. Your hair will have shine that just won’t quit, curls that stay poppin’ day after day and maximum elongation so even kinky,

As well as, you need to avoid a thick and creamy conditioner. These will weigh down your curls so it's best to use a milky conditioner. They will provide the hydration, slip and sheen needed to keep your curls moisturized throughout the style. Our //KNOT LOVE// 9=1 Daily Hydrating+Growth Leave-In helps boost the hydration levels of all dry, damaged, slow-growing hair helping bring the vitality, shine and beauty back to your thirsty, limp, shrunken hair instantly.  


4B - The type 4b hair has a Z-shape curl pattern.
The hair is tighter and less elastic than 4a hair. 
4b hair retains more moisture once you use the right products with butters and creams.
They will cover the hair shaft from root to tip to prevent the moisture from escaping.

On Wash days, you should be using conditioners and deep conditioners that are made with cetearyl alcohol which will soften the hair. This makes it easier to hydrated, removes tangles and easier for you to manage when styling. Our //KNOW IT ALL!// Auto Correcting Masque is the first ever auto adjusting, auto correcting 3-in-1 co-wash, rinse out & deep crème conditioner knows exactly what your hair needs to thrive. Upon contact, this expert quickly scans the hair structure to identify the problem spots, automatically adjusting to give your hair what it needs...hydration where its dry, strength where its weak, restoration where damaged and elasticity & shine all over.

Remember butters and creams are great sealant for 4b hair. So you have to look for moisturizers/hydrators where the main ingredient is a form of butter. Our //BOOSTER!// Butter Crème HYDRATOR main ingredient is Illipe Butter. This butter is able to retain more moisture for HYDRATION that last 3-4 days longer than the rest. So no need to worry about your hair getting dry, prone to breakage, knots and even tangles.

4b hair is great for twist out/braid outs. The texture is able to hold unto the pattern formed when you are twisting and braiding. As well as, with the right styler, the hold with stay for days. //THE MANIPULATOR// Creme Jelle STYLER is the Ultimate Natural Hair Styler for Maximum Curl Elongation, Definition & Style Longevity= without leaving the hair hard, dry or crunchy. 

4C -  Last but certainly not least, is 4c curls which shapes like a zig-zag.
4c hair is extremely tightly coiled which makes it difficult for moisture to get int.
4c hair is always in a shrunken state so to see your true length you will have to do stretched hairstyles.

Stretched hairstyles that you can do are twist out and braid outs. However, they key with it is to keep your hair in a stretched state once its braided or twisted. You can do this with bobby puns or sectioning clips to stretch your hair over your head.

Once your 4c hair has been properly moisturized it is less susceptible to breakage, knots and tangles. We recommended using our //BOOSTER!// Butter Crème HYDRATOR  that is rich in  Illipe Butter. The butter will have your hair moisturized for days which makes it easier to manage on a weekly basis.

Similarly to 4b, you should be deep conditioning with our //KNOW IT ALL!// Auto Correcting Masque. The deep conditioner will immediately scan the hair structure to provide your hair with what it needs. Therefore, hydration where its dry, strength where its weak, restoration where damaged and elasticity & shine all over.

Now that you have identified your hair type.
We hope you learned about how best to take care of your hair.
It will take experimentation as you're hair may not be one hair type. You may have a mix of 4a/4b or 4b/4c. Sod o be open minded on your hair journey. And listen to your hair as it gives the signs as to what works and what doesn't.

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