Battle Of The Stylers: Creams vs Gels

Once you enter the beauty supply store, there are a lot of products to choose from. One of the types of products that are always in galore is stylers. There is a wide range of stylers from different brands that have a variety of benefits for each hairstyle. However, they can all be categorized down into two groups which are creams vs gel stylers.

Trying to choose between which type of styler to use depends on two things:
1 - The LOOK, and
2 - The FEEL
of the hairstyle that you want.

Cream stylers are used when you want your hair to:
LOOK - Textured; and
FEEL - Soft.

Cream styles are used when the chosen hairstyle doesn't need much definition. It will have frizz here and there which will add to the overall look of the results. 

Gel Stylers are used when you want your hair to:
LOOK - Defined, and
FEEL - Hard/Crispy

Gel stylers are used when you want your hair to be extremely defined.
There will be little to no frizz which allows your curls to pop.

There isn't a specific style that requires a particular product. In the end, the choice of the type of styler depends on the hair results that you want. Some naturals love wash and gos but prefer to use a cream-based product. While other love flat twist-outs, but want it to be extremely defined and shiny. 

Here at Entwine we also have the following types:
1. CREME Only
2. JELLE Only, and


1. CREME Only - //BOOSTER!// Butter Creme HYDRATOR
This is a lightweight mixture that is great for hydration and styling. It penetrates the hair with its water-soluble ingredients which allows it to be absorbed. Also, your hair becomes more pliable to achieve any hairstyle. No need to compromise on hairstyle results for lack of hydration as your hair stays hydrated longer than rest.


  • H20: The Foundation of Life & Hydration
  • Jojoba//Fuse Oil: Boost Water Absorption & Moisture Retention by 46%
  • Illipe Butter: The Moisture Retention Butter
  • Plant Protein: Strengthens up to 75%
  • Natural Oils: Pomegranate Oil. Palm Fruit Oil. Avocado Oil. Safflower Seed Oil. Wheat Germ Oil

2. JELLE Only - //AMP & GO!// Curl Amplifying GLAZE
We call it a GLAZE! This provides a perfect balance of Hold, Hydration, and Shine. It is perfected with a naturally derived, okra sap & sugar based gel that aids in allowing you to achieve the maximum elongation possible. Once your preferred style is achieved, your kinks, coils, and curls will thank you.


  • H20: Essential to life, health & hydration
  • Okra Sap: Natural humectant. Helps improve Hold, Shine & Growth
  • Jojoba//Fuse Oil: Tested & proven to Boost Water Absorption & Moisture Retention by 46%
  • Fruit Sugar Humectant: Natural Conditioner & Moisturizer
  • Plant Protein:  Strengthens up to 75%
  • Aloe Vera: Natural conditioning agent

This is the Ultimate Natural Hair Styler for Maximum Curl Elongation, Definition & Style Longevity.  It is a multi-functional styling creme-gel that contains natural ingredients. As well as, real-world technology to shape your curls the way you want. All without leaving your hair dry or crunchy. 


  • H20: Essential to life, health & hydration
  • Style-Recall Fibers: Helps styles last 60% longer
  • Illipe Butter: The Moisture Retention Butter
  • Plant Protein: Strengthens hair up to 75%
  • Aloe Vera:  Natural moisturizer & style control agent

Let us know which styler you are using and for which style?

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My Hair is In Love

The best cleanser for my hair

//THE MANIPULATOR// Creme Jelle STYLER, 8oz.
denise cook (Clinton Township, US)
My favorite natural hair products

Still my favorite, I buy the Hydrator and the Styler. Great value and my hair loves them both.


I was very happy with this product! The shine, the moisture, the definition. It gave exactly what it said it would give. I will definitely be using this product again, it left my hair feeling so shiny and soft, there were no flakes and my hair felt so light. Would recommend!

//KNOW IT ALL!// Auto Correcting MASQUE, 8oz.
Shantel Mitchell (Atlanta, US)
Thick and Creamy

The hair masque is thick and creamy. My curls are moisturized while using the masque with a heat cap for 30 minutes.

Excellent Choice

I love the way my Hair feels after I Shampoo with this awesome Product my hair feels so Fresh and clean.

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