Benefits Of Illipe Butter For Your Natural Hair

Illipe Butter has emerged i the natural hair market recently. However, here at Entwine, we have been using it for years within our product. Why? Because it works for your natural hair. it is a plant based-butter that provides your hair with the moisturisation that it needs. The benefits are greater than the butters that we're use to seeing marketed in other brands.

Where does it come from?
Illipe butter is a plant based fat from the nuts of the Shorea Stenoptera tree.
This tree is native to the island of Borneo [Southeast Asia] where the Dayak People dwell. [Source:]

How is it manufactured?
As the nuts fall from the tree, they are taken to be washed in the streams. Then, they are left in the sun to dry. This magical butter is pressed from then nuts using their own machinery. The production is very similar to other butters which stem from nuts such as Shea, Grapeseed and Cupachu.

What are the benefits for our hair?

1. Moisture
It solves our biggest hair problem which is usually lack of moisture, lack of hydration or dry hair. Once our hair is in this state, it makes it susceptible to various forms of damage such as breakage, knots, heat damaged, colour damage and so much more. Illipe butter is rich in fatty acids which is able to penetrate the hair shaft So the butter aids in retaining more moisture into your hair strands. So your hair will stay moisturised for longer for even up to 7 days.

2. Restores Elasticity
Once our hair is moisturised, other benefits start rolling in such as being more elastic. If our hair isn't moisturised, then it will not be able to stretch or return to it's normal state without breaking. Illipe butter also contains linoleic which is a natural emollient for the hair shaft. It will penetrate the hair shaft of ill in the gaps along the hair gap along the hair shaft. Thus, allowing to become stronger and healthier. 

3. Repairs Damaged Hair
Illipe Butter is rich in powerful antioxidants that will nourish your hair from root to tip. if your hair is damaged from colour, heat, excessive styling, or environment, it helps. The antioxidants will prevent or reduce the formation of free radicals that are causing the hair to suffer from the inside out.

Which Entwine Products contain Illipe Butter?

Deep Conditioner:
 //KNOW IT ALL!// Auto Correcting MASQUE, 8oz
The first ever auto adjusting, auto correcting 3-in-1 co-wash, rinse out & deep crème conditioner knows exactly what your hair needs to thrive. Upon contact, this expert quickly scans the hair structure to identify the problem spots, automatically adjusting to give your hair what it needs...hydration where its dry, strength where its weak, restoration where damaged and elasticity & shine all over. 

Moisturiser: //KNOT LOVE// 9=1 Daily Hydrating+Growth LEAVE-IN, 8oz
A 9=1 daily hydrating & growth leave-in conditioner is a natural hair “love potion” that seduces each strand. It helps boost the hydration levels of all dry, damaged, slow-growing hair helping bring the vitality, shine and beauty back to your thirsty, limp, shrunken hair instantly. This fabulous healing potion is the perfect companion to your pre - & post-styling regimen, so your hair can feel the love and is amped to be manipulated.

Hydrator: //BOOSTER!// Butter Crème HYDRATOR, 8oz
You can have it all! A lightweight, water-soluble, quick absorbing hydrating & growth butter crème moisturizer helps the hair absorb more water, retain more moisture for HYDRATION that last 3-4 days longer than the rest

All of products are created based on providing your natural hair with hydration. Hydration is what your hair needs for you to have healthy hair. Which one of our entwine products with Illipe Butter do you use?

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