How To Care For Your Natural Hair After Removing Your Protective Style



After 4 to 6 weeks of rocking the same protective style, it's time to let it go.
Your natural hair needs a break from the protective style. As well as, to be revitalized for the upcoming week and/or the next protective style. But, how do we do this? You do this by curating your post-protective style regimen to suit your hair needs. This includes creating a regimen using the correct products that will get your hair where it needs to be.

1. Cut Or Unravel Your Protective Style
It's time to let your protective style go by unraveling your old braids/twists so you'll be able to access your natural hair. or, if unraveling is time-consuming, then you can cut the syndetic hair approximately 4 to 5 inches below your natural hair. This will save you time as you don't have to unravel your waist-length braids from the waist up. Although it is time-efficient, you can avoid cutting your natural hair that you worked so hard to grow.


2. Cleanse The Scalp
Next, after rocking a protective style for weeks you had to use a different kinds of products to keep your hair looking sleek. You may have oiled your scalp daily to promote hair growth, used gels to lay your baby hairs, and mousses to keep your protective style frizz-free. The accumulation of different products will cause "gunk" to build upon our scalp. The build-up will clog the pores on your scalp which will prevent the production of sebum, fester on the scalp to cause scalp issues, and preventing/stunting your hair growth. Cleansing the scalp will remove the product build-up so that your hair and scalp can function normally.
Our Cleanser is made with ACV to remove build-up, menthol to increase blood flow and+gro peptide complex to stimulate hair growth. All of the ingredients work together to remove build-up, nurture the scalp and get the hair prepared for hydration, growth & styling. And after rocking protective styles for a prolonged period of time, your scalp needs to be cleansed.


3. Deep Condition Your Hair Shaft
After cleansing, it is time to replenish your curls with what was lost while you wore your protective style for weeks. Rocking a protective style for weeks a time can cause strain on our natural hair as it isn't be cleansed or hydrated regularly. So you need to treat your hair after a protective style to correct or reverse any hair issues. Deep Conditioners are made with a multitude of anti-oxidants that can absorb into the hair shaft.
Our Auto Correcting Masque is perfect for you as it will fix any of your hair issues. it made with a specific technology (first of its kind) that scans the hair shaft to determine what is wrong. Then, it will provide the hair with what it needs as it does contain a variety of vitamins and minerals It is made with plant proteins which will strengthen the hair up to 75%. As well as, tucuma butter retain elasticity which is a big indicator of the health of your hair.


4. Hydrate (and Seal!)
After you need to hydrate and seal your hair for the upcoming week ahead. Your hair needs to be moisturized so that your hair is in a healthier state and your hairstyle lasts longer. The LOC/LCO Method is a moisturization technique where you layer Liquid, Oil, and Cream on your hair. The L will hydrate your curls so that it can absorb water, And the O and C will trap the water molecules from L so that it stays absorbed into the hydration. As well as, it has little to no chance of escaping your hair.
Our love potion delivers n9NE powerful benefits in ONE. After removing your braids, your hair is thirsty as it hasn't received any hydration for weeks. Our leave-in conditioner is made with h20 as the first ingredient which is essential to living. In addition, it contains biotin to boost hair growth, plant proteins to strengthen your hair, and the oil + butter blend needed to retain moisture for longer.

5. Do A Low or High Manipulation Hairstyle, not a Protective Style
After removing your protective style, your next hairstyle should not be a protective style. Why? You need to give your hair a break from being covered with synthetic hair. Your curls need to breathe so a low or high manipulation style is best. You can do twist out,, braids outs, bun, wash and go, low braided ponytail, puffs and so much more. These styles will have your hair out in the open interacting with the environment.




What's your post-protective style hairstyle this summer?
We're hoping to see some of your styles recreated with our products and tag @letsentwine

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