How To Choose The Right Products For Your Natural Hair


You won't get to achieve your hair goals without having the correct tools.
One of these tools is having the right hair products for your hair.

1. Are you researching enough about the types of products that sit in your bathroom cabinet right now?

2. Do you know what they do?

3. Or, do you know the ingredients that are in them?

4. Do the brand goals are important to you?




Do the mission and vision align with what you want for your hair?

That is a question you should ask yourself when finding the right products. for your hair you may not use any form of silicones, petroleum, or mineral oils so you do not want a brand that uses it. Why? To you, you may feel like the brand doesn't value the health of your hair by utilizing that ingredient.

Here at Entwine, we care about loving, protecting, and caring for your natural hair and we do hat providing high-quality products made with organic ingredients that will nourish your hair. If you check any of the products, they do not contain any harmful ingredients that will deter the health of your hair.





Also, does the function of the product align with what you want for your hair? For example, you may be looking for a deep conditioner that repairs your hair; Here at Entwine, we have the Auto Correcting Deep Masque. From the name you can tell what it's supposed to do which is to repair your hair quickly. You wouldn't want a deep conditioner that says hydrating, moisturizing, or softness as the functions will not align with what your hair needs currently.




Next, the ingredients are just as important. You want to use products that have organic ingredients. At entwine, we don't use harmful ingredients in our production process because we know the dampening effects it will have on your natural hair. So do your products contain petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, and much more? If you use Entwine products you know we use organic ingredients such as okra gel, castor oil, illipe seed butter, aloe vera, and much more. As well as, technology such as Hydra pHusion Blend that helps your hair to absorb products better into your hair. 


Here at Entwine, we ensure that our products are great for the health of your hair. As well as, safe for use in your family's and friends' hair.




Now we know this is very subjective.
If you want high-quality products you will have to spend more money. 
And, if you choose to spend less then you should be mindful of the quality of the product.
Bear this mind whenever you are shopping for hair products.




Thank you for choosing the Entwine Couture brand as the right product for your, your family, and your friend's hair. We are all about loving, protecting, and caring for the health of your hair so you're able to achieve your goals.


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