How To Get Your Wash and Go To Last All Week


With the summer's heat coming right around the corner, we have to switch up our routine. The heat can cause our wash and gos to get frizzy quick. As well as, can cause our hair to become a poof ball. So you have to change your product and technique this summer for your wash and go.

Here is how to get your Wash and Go to last all week

1] Split into sections:-
Splitting your hair into sections makes the styling process easier as you're working with smaller sections. You're able to apply the product from tip to root so that no clumps of curls get left behind. Split your hair into 4 or 6 sections depending on the thickness of your curls.


2] Dampen your hair:-
Next, dampen your hair with a spray bottle of water or aloe vera juice.
Dampening your hair makes it easier for the product to penetrate the hair so it can be absorbed into the hair shaft. As well as, it allow you to see your curl pattern so you can see the natural curl pattern of your kinks/coils/curls.


3] Moisturize with a leave-in
Next, we cannot style without moisturizing the hair. It is a crucial step as we want our hair to stay moisturized while styled for a couple of days. You should use our //KNOT LOVE// 9=1 Daily Hydrating+Growth LEAVE-IN. It helps boost the hydration levels of all dry, damaged, slow-growing hair helping bring the vitality, shine and beauty back to your thirsty, limp, shrunken hair instantly. This  is the perfect companion to your pre-styling regimen.

3] Apply gel from tips to root
Then, you apply the //AMP & GO!// Curl Amplifying GLAZE from tips to roots.  It contains okra sap which provides the definition and hold for your curls. As well as aloe vera which hydrates the curls so your hair stays moisturized longer. This long hold, naturally derived styling & designing glaze for the hair the perfect balance of hold, hydration, shine & movement all in one BOMB @$$ jar.


4] Define with detangling brush
After, detangle the section with your //UNTANGLEMENT!// 3-D Detangling & Curl Clumping BRUSH. This aids in clumping every kink/coil/curl together so your wash and gos are defined and longer. It is perfect for any hair type.


5] Seal with an oil
Next, seal the hair using our//FLAUNT!// 100% WILD ARGAN OIL.  Our custom blend is perfected to protect, condition & seal extra dry hair. It will not weigh down your hair causing it to become greasy. Also, it contains anti-aging antioxidants to keep your hair in an optimally healthy state.


6] Let it dry 100%
Finally you should let it your hair dry 100% before you wear it outside. You can choose to air or blow dry your hair. Airdrying your hair may take longer especially if you thick hair. As well as blow drying can be harmful if used on high heat. So it's best to do both. You can blow dry your hair first on cool air to lock and hold the curls into place. Then, follow up air drying.

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