How To Loose Style and Win This Summer

While we all love a well-defined wash and go this summer, we love a simple loose style as well. Loose styles include twist out, wash and go, or loose twists. For these styles, getting your curls to be defined isn't high or on your priority list. You want to ensure that your hair is hydrated while you're embracing your natural curl pattern. During the summer, the humidity in the air is no joke. The hotter temperatures usually cause frizz and flyaway especially if our hair isn't prepped before loose styling.


Hydration is important for your natural hair, more importantly, clean hydration. Clean hydrations allow your hair to be hydrated for longer as water-soluble are being absorbed into the layers of your hair shaft. At Entwine we sell products that are 100% BULL$H!T Free. Our products allow you to achieve your hair goals by keeping your curls hydrated all the time. During the summer this is important as your curls will be in direct contact with the sun as it is blowing in the summer's heat. So you need to ensure that your curls are hydrated all the time so that they can stay healthy.

Our Leave IN Conditioner is a superb choice as it has 9 functions in all stores in this bottle or as we like to call it "love potion". The ingredients are mixed using natural ingredients that will boost the hydration of your curls. Therefore, it will prevent it from being dry as you wear your hair out in the summer. In addition, it contains a jojoba oil blend which will boost absorption and retention of the hydration by 46%.


When you rock looser styles such as a wash and go, your hair is poofier with little definition. During the summer the bigger your hair, the better it is. So you have to "pick out" your curls. You can pick out your hair with your fro pick or use your hands to fluff at the roots. This will create more frizz and stretch at the roots. The bigger your hair, the more able it is to withstand the summer's heat. The heat will penetrate the hair, however, it will have a cluster of hair strands to get through to. So your hair will be able to stay bigger during this season.




After doing step #1, you need to seal all of your hydration. The best sealants for your hair are "butters" and/or "Creams". Both are rich in emollient properties which can coat the hair strand to prevent the escape of water molecules. This is important during the heat to ensure that your hair stays hydrated while the sun rays are pelting on it. In addition, it prevents frizz and flyaway which are usually due to loss of moisture. Therefore perfect for your loose styles.

Our Entwine Butter Creme Hydrator is perfect for your loose styles this summer. Its texture-inclusive formula allows you to retain hydration that lasts 3 to 4 days longer than other products. Therefore, as your hair is basking in the sun it still is hydrated. So the sun rays aren't able to penetrate the hair shaft and cause any form of damage. Your hair is protected as it contains plant proteins which will strengthen your hair up to 75%. Therefore, no need to worry about your hair being heat damage. In addition, the h20, jojoba oil blend, and illipe butter work together to absorb and retain the hydration for longer.






As previously mentioned, loose styles include your twist-outs, wash and go, and loose twists. As well as, fros, puffs, or a messy bun. All of these styles do not require getting your curls "defined". As well as, ensuring that your edges or flyways are "laid". These styles take the stress out of making sure your hair looks a certain way. Your hair is beautiful when it is embracing its natural curl pattern that is a bit frizzy. So try multiple styles until you decide what you're comfortable with. Also, you'll have multiple of hairstyles to choose from this summer.



The key to loose styles is keeping your curls hydrated while being frizz and flyaway-free. Therefore, you'll experience little to no extreme frizz while your hair is still able to withstand the humidity in the air.
Which loose style do you see yourself doing this summer?

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