Spring is here and so are the curls!
I don't know about you but I'm real tired of the winter, especially on my hair. Spring is here to bring much more life into the girls. Did you know that your hair thrives better in this season? Yes your coils, curls and kinks are in a better state to grow to the length you desire.

Here's how you can maximize the hair growth this spring:

Wear your hair out:
Were not talking wearing your hair out without any protection, wear it out using low manipulation styles. Rock your twist and braid outs that don't require much maintenance but keep your hair out and blowing. If your hair is out there is more possibility for it absorb the humectants in the air. Humectants draw the natural moisture from the air into our hair strands. Therefore, if your hair needs a little pick me up, no need to worry. Also, low manipulation styles reduce how often you have to restyle your hair. Less manipulations means less breakage so you're able to retain more length.

You should be using our //THE MANIPULATOR// Creme Jelle STYLER. It contains illipe butter which allows you retain more moisture for longer so your hairstyle will last longer. In additions, it works well with the style-recall fibers that aid us in retaining the definition of our styles 60% more. 

Massage your scalp regularly:
If you can massage your scalp every day, go ahead. It doesn't have to be a tedious process as you just want to gently massage your scalp for a few minutes everyday. It can be done in the early morning or at nights right before you go to go bed. Also, you can amp up the scalp massaging on wash days. When you're shampooing your scalp, you can also massage it. Massaging aids in promoting blood circulation to the scalp in order to boost scalp function to promote healthy hair growth and the sebum needed to coat it.

Recommended Shampoo: //GET CLARITY!// Hydrating + Grow CLEANSER, 8oz


Deep condition with heat:
Bring on the warmth which you can use to your advantage on wash days. After applying the deep conditioner, place a steam cap on your hair to trap the heat. once trapped it will cause the cuticles to lift up to absorb more from the product. The key is to be using high quality deep conditioners that get the job done. Our //KNOW IT ALL!// Auto Correcting MASQUE upon contact scans the hair structure to identify the problem spots, automatically adjusting to give your hair what it needs...hydration where its dry, strength where its weak, restoration where damaged and elasticity & shine all over. All of which contribute to having a functioning and healthy scalp that is promoting healthy hair growth. 

Use cream based stylers
With less cold air robbing your hair of moisture, you can use cream based stylers. These are good for giving your the textured styles we love. As well as, keeping the curls popping during the warmer temperatures. However, if you are a lover of gels, you should use our our //THE MANIPULATOR// Creme Jelle STYLERThis innovative multi-functional styling creme-gel is artfully-crafted and custom designed with natural ingredients & real world technology to create, shape and transform all textures, types and lengths of natural & transitioning hair without leaving the hair hard, dry or crunchy.

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