How To Prep Your Natural Hair In The Mornings




Every morning our naturally kinky curls will need to be refreshed. Depending on the type of style that you are wearing, it will require much maintenance than others. Your morning natural hair routine doesn't have to be nor should it be a 10 step routine. You can refresh your curls with only 3 steps. Therefore, you will only need 3 products.


LIQUID is the most important step as it allows your hair to absorb "Clean hydration".  The best liquid to use is our //KNOT LOVE// 9=1 Daily Hydrating+Growth LEAVE-IN. It has N9NE Seductive Benefits that your hair strands will fall in love with as it:
✔️Promotes Healthy Hair Growth
✔️Provides Long-lasting Hydration
✔️Enhances and Softens Your Hair
✔️Provides Slip for Detangling
✔️Reduces frizz
✔️Strengthens & Fortifies
✔️Adds shine
✔️Split End Prevention, and 
✔️Provides UV Protection


You should apply a few pumps to each section and work it in from tips to root. However, if you are running low on time, then the praying hands method is the most efficient technique. it allows the product to spread evenly across each strand without.




Next is to sell in all the goodness from step one with butters. Butters are of a rich, creamy and/or thick consistency. They are great for sealing the hair strand so no hydration can escape as we traverse throughout our busy day. The best butter to use is our //BOOSTER!// Butter Crème HYDRATOR. It is a crowd favourite and a staple in many of our customers daily routine. Why?

It is a lightweight, water-soluble, quick absorbing hydrating & growth butter crème moisturizer helps the hair absorb more water, retain more moisture for HYDRATION that last 3-4 days longer than the rest.


And last but not least is to Coat your curls with an oil. Not just any oil, but our //FLAUNT!// 100% WILD ARGAN OIL. Our mixture only has 3 ingredients which makes it even more powerful. The key ingredient which is the Argan Oil; will provide your hair with exactly what you need for it look and feel new in the mornings. it contains Argan oil which aids in enhancing The natural sheen of your kinks. As well as, softening the hair so styling is easier.

Just pump a few drops into the palms of your hair, then coat along he hair shaft. No need to go overboard as a little will go along way. In addition, you don't want to weigh down your curls as it can cause split ends, knots and even breakage.







Instead of purchasing all of the products individually, we create our //L.H.O. HYPER-HYDRATION// BUNDLE for you. With the bundle, your hair will receive the hyper hydration that it needs to carry it throughout day as well as the week. For extra dry, de-hydrated, slow growing hair, you should be doing the LHO Method. This moisturization technique will save your curls from experiencing dryness. And as such prevents breakage, knots, and even dry scalp! Once the hair has been properly hydrated, anything thing is possible from there. Now style it your way...wash n go, twist out, braid out, protective styles, hydrated hair can do it all! 


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