How To Refresh Your Old Protective Style

Refreshing your protective styles during the summertime is a must. There may be an event that we have to attend where we won't have any time to remove your protective style, wash, hydrate and style our hair. Or, you just want to stretch your protective style just one or two weeks more. So refreshing your braids is the best option to make them look as if you just got it done the night before.

Laying your edges is a great protective style refresher as your edges are always done after installation. So get you a good edge control that is made with healthy ingredients. These ingredients should be ALL natural such to provide you with hold, sheen and health. This combination is a must as it will ensure that while your edges are slicked back they are being nourished simultaneously.

Our limited edition, //B.L.E.S.S.!// Firm Jelle Styler [s perfect for all your hairline needs. Not only will you receive a firm and long-lasting hold, your edges will look slick and shiny all while being moisturized. 

Along with doing your edges, you can do redo the crown of your hair. For the braids/twist that you can directly see which sits along the perimeter of your hair, specifically the crown. If you have twists, you can re-twist redo them. Redo them doesn't mean unraveling and start over but tightening them. Tightening the braid involves twisting the braids so that all of the new growth is pulled into it. Then, you would secure the "new" braids into place to make it look as if it's brand new.

Note you can use our //B.L.E.S.S.!// Firm Jelle Styler (limited edition) to help you to grip the baby hairs and new growth needed to slick back into the braid.

After wearing your protective style for some time, it will not look "Fresh". There will be flyaway, frizz, and hair poking through your braids. And time may be against you sot here is not time to "redo" your hair. Using gels will keep your hair looking sleek and slick similar to when you just got it done. Gels have the hold needed to bond the hair's back together or into the braids for another couple of days. Therefore, your style can stretch longer than you anticipated. Depending on what style you have, the amount of gel and how you use it will differ.

Our Entwine Gel is perfect for all your protective style needs to keep your flyaway and frizz at bay.

When all else fails, you should use accessories. Accessories will take your hairstyle up a notch for the upcoming week. For example, you can wear a kerchief or a headband or kerchief over your edges. Or, you can take it up a notch and place your braids into a bun or messy bun. As well as, add bobby pins to secure the bun or create a unique pattern. These accessories allow you to stretch your protective styles for a bit longer. As wells as, they give you a new look and feel for your hair.



Refreshing your protective style includes the use of products and hair accessories. Both of which will have your styles lasting longer than you had anticipated. Let us know in the comments below which summer style that you are rocking for this summer.

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