How To Maximize Your Time On Wash Days



Time is a limited resource. While we don't have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé, we do have to maximize on the time that we have. Therefore, your wash days should not be an all day process. If they are, then you should definitely be reading through this article. Washing your hair should not be a time consuming process that you dread every week.


Here are 4 ways to save time on wash days:

1. Condition & Deep Condition At The Same Time
Conditioners and Deep Conditioners ultimately have the same function which is to condition your hair. However, deep conditioners take it up a notch as they give your hair what it needs to provide, retain, and replenish it's vitality and vigor. So instead of conditioning then your hair, then deep conditioning, simply just deep condition. You will be able to save so much time by skipping the extra step.



2. Detangle With Deep Conditioner In The Shower
Next, before rinsing out your deep conditioner, detangle your curls. Your hair is easier to detangle with product in it. You can detangle before or after applying heat. You have to ensure that your hair is soft and pliable so that the detangling brush is able to glide through quickly. And, detangling in the shower creates steam separate and apart from using a steam cap which makes it so much easier. 



3. Get A Shower Mirror
Next, use a shower mirror. You will be able to save so much time once you're able to see what you're doing. You'll be able to gauge how much product you're using, if your technique is good, as well as, to ensure you don't miss a step. You can get an affordable shower mirror at your local beauty supply store. So go ahead and get one and install it in your bathroom. 




4. Moisturize in the shower
Once you go outside of the shower, your hair is exposed to cold air. The interaction will not be beneficial to your strands as it will become dry quickly. Then your hair can be dry and tangled before your able to moisturize your hair. You will have to wet your hair with your spray bottle to prep your curls again before moisturizing your hair. So to avoid all of that , just moisturize your hair in the shower. 



Recommended Products
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Hydrator: //BOOSTER!// Butter Crème HYDRATOR
Moisturiser: //KNOT LOVE// 9=1 Daily Hydrating+Growth LEAVE-IN


What ways do you save time on wash days?

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