We are in a whole new year (yes it's still a pandemic).
However, we're still going to keep going especially with our goals.
These goals should include setting a healthy hair goal.
It doesn't have to be extravagant such as growing 12 inches of hair this year. It can be as simple as using nourishing products in my daughter's hair every day.

So how will we achieve them?

This is how:


1. By setting a specific goal that aligns with your lifestyle:
Are your hair goals clear that everyone can understand what the goal is, why you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it? For example, "I want to grow my hair" isn't a clear goal. You haven't identified how you're going to get there. You can say I will grow my hair by massaging my scalp every night for 3 months. See? Now that's better.

Also, does this goal align with your lifestyle? We all have big goals that we want to achieve but will it align with the schedule. Maybe your nights are hectic so you can't massage your scalp in the night. However, in the morning times, you have a little bit more time so you can do it for approximately 5 minutes.
What's your specific goal for 2022?


2. Find out what your hair needs
You have experienced your natural hair for 365 days last year where you should have noticed some areas you want to improve. Is it length, strength, reduce shedding, or having more definition? Once you identify the issue, you will be able to find the solution.

For example, if your hair is always dry it is because it is not hydrated. Or, you're not using clean hydration. So you can start here and using tip # 3 and top # 4.

3. Research products with the key ingredients
If your hair is dry, what kind of products will you need? Hydrating products for sure. You need to look for products online or in-store that say they are "hydrating" "moisturizing" or even both. Once you identify these products, look at their ingredients. Do the ingredients and the function align? If you don't know if it does, then you will have to do a little more research. If the product has a high concentration of castor oil, for example then it's not moisturizing.


4. Follow the natural hair enthusiasts for tips
Next, google how natural hair enthusiasts whether they are on youtube or Instagram to see how they are using the product that you want to buy. If you are in a store you won't be able to do this step. However, if you are shopping online, you very much can. You'll be able to determine if the show well product will work for your hair type by doing a bit of comparison. In addition, seeing how others use the product as well. Are they heavy-handed or light-handed? This may have impaired their judgment.

Regardless, you following these people to determine if you should buy the product to meet your hair goals This is not an attempt to get your hair to look just like there's as no one hairs are ever the same.

4. Patience
And, the last step is P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E.
This is probably a difficult step as we want to see results right away. However, they may not come overnight. They come through consistency and discipline. Are you using the products consistently? Are you using products from the same brand? Are you using the products the way they are intended to? Are you having fun doing your hair?

All of this comes through enjoying the journey of caring for your natural hair.

Here at Entwine, we are here for you as we want to ensure that you are loving, protecting, and caring for your kinky curly and coily hair.

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