There a lot of natural hair rules that have been going around in the community of what we should and shouldn't do. After all it probably gets annoying to hear all of these so called 'rules' you have to follow. The truth is you don't. Some of them don't even make sense logically.

Caring for your natural hair should be easy, not complex.
And consistency, quality products and a simple regimen will allow you to achieve your goals.

Here are 5 natural hair rules you don't have to follow:

1. Trimming Your Hair Regularly:
There is no need to trim your hair every month - it makes no sense.
Our hair grows 1/2 inch a month - so why would we be cutting it? You are literally losing your length as soon as you grow it. And that is why you're not able to see your true length or reach the desired hair length. 

Your hair only needs to be trimmed when it is showing signs of such.
Are your ends frayed? Are your ends having knots? Are your ends split? If no to all of the above, then you don't need to be trimming your ends. They are the oldest part of your hair so you want to preserve them as much as possible. And tirmming isn't the way to go.

Don't trim your hair your hair regularly, DUST it.
Dusting is where you may notice a knot or split end here and there.
Then, you cut it ONLY. No need to do a full trim.

2. Moisturizing every day:
Our hair isn't complex as we make it out to be.
If we moisturize our hair every day, it doesn't do anything for our hair. Our hair only absorbs what it needs from the products we apply to it. After the hair refutes anything else. So the excess just sits on the hair. And as you continue to apply more it just builds up. Yes, this is what we call product build up.

You only need to moisturize your hair every so often on a weekly basis. For some they do it once, while other they may do it twice. However 7 times for the week is way to much. The best way to moisturize your hair is by doing the LOC/LCO Method.

This moisturization technique will save your curls from experiencing dryness. And as such prevents breakage, knots, and even dry scalp! You need to apply:
(🧴) LEAVE-IN    - 1-KNOT LOVE! 9=1 LEAVE-IN POTION, 8oz.                        (🧴) HYDRATOR    - 1-BOOSTER! Butter Crème HYDATOR, 8oz.                    (🧴) OIL - 1-FLAUNT! 100% Wild ARGAN OIL, 2oz.

3. Having a 5 hour wash day routine:
We both know that spending 5 hours on wash day for your hair is ridiculous. We only get but 24 hours in the day to complete our long list of to dos. SO we have to maximize on time as much as we can. And if you spend an exorbitant amount of time on wash day, you can sure use some of the time to do the other stuff. 

Your wash day should be  4 steps :-
A. CLEANSE - 15 minutes
B. DEEP CONDITION - 30 minutes
C. MOISTURISE - 15 minutes
D. STYLE - 1 hour (maximum)

4. Not wearing your wash and go all the time
Wearing one hairstyle all the time isn't that bad as everyone says. if that is the only hairstyle that you can do, then do it. Wash and gos are great low manipulation styles that you can do. They only require styling once and can be worn for 3 to 5 days. They don't require much maintenance especially if you preserve your curls at night time. In addition, your gel locks in moisture as well as the definition for this period. And more importantly, it's cute.

5. Conditioning, then deep conditioning:
No need to condition then deep condition your curls. Conditioners and Deep conditioners carry out the same function. Deep conditioners do more as they provide treatment for your curls. The treatment usually for what your hair has been lacking whether it is moisture, strength, elasticity, etc. So no need to the two steps, just do one - deep condition.

You can detangle and condition with your hair with your deep conditioner as you would with your regular conditioner. And, it stays within your hair for 15 to 30 minutes and does it's job.

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