Length Retention: How To Grow Longer Natural Hair

Your natural hair grows 1/2 inch every month,
Growth isn't the problem, retaining length is. 

If you're coming from our previous post, you would have learned about the first 4 tips for length retention. And, in this blog post we're going to go more in depth about what you can do in your natural hair regimen to make it better.




Let's Begin:
1. Replace your conditioner with your deep conditioner 
2. Protective Styling
3. Massage + Oil Your Scalp
4. LISTEN to your hair

1. Replace Your Conditioner With Your Deep Conditioner :-
Now I must say this might catch you off guard as we're use to the 10 step wash day process that lasts hours. However, conditioning and deep conditioning your hair back to back does nothing for your hair literally. If we look at it from a scientific level, cleansers remove product build up form our hair which leaves the cuticle layers open and bare. Once we apply a product after which is usually a rinse out conditioner, it is designed to close the hair cuticles and replenish it with moisture. If we apply a deep conditioner next, what is it doing? Nothing! The cuticles are already closed and has absorbed what it needed from your conditioner already. So to avoid wasting deep conditioners that do cost more then regular products, deep condition after shampooing. Deep Conditioners do more than the conditioners as it is able to penetrate deep into the hair shaft to provide the nutrients it needs to correct any hair problems that you may be facing. Therefore allowing your hair  woes to be solved immediately as you are applying the treatment on a weekly basis. Therefore, allowing you to be able to retain/hold unto the new growth that is emerging your scalp on a daily basis.

Don't just deep condition with a regular product, use our //KNOW IT ALL!// Auto Correcting MASQUEIt's the first ever auto adjusting, auto correcting 3-in-1 co-wash, rinse out & deep creme conditioner that knows exactly what your hair needs to thrive. Once applied, the Smart Correct Polymers are able to identify the hair's problem areas that need to corrected. This includes providing h20 for hydration, tucuma butter for elasticity and 3 plant proteins for flexible strength. 

2. Protective Styling is necessary
Protective styling is necessary as it protects your hair as the name suggest. We all live a very busy life and sometimes taking care of our hair is not at the top of our priority list. As well as, some major life events may be upcoming such as weddings, vacations, baecations, or work deadlines which will cause us to neglect our hair care. In times like these, you should consider doing a protective style. These styles will keep your natural maintained as you go about your regular day. Also, it requires little to no maintenance from you as your hair will not need any upkeep. You can do box braids, faux locs, knotless braids, crochet twists, or wigs. Also, if you don't like false hair you can do buns, mini twists/braids or cornrowed styles. Each of them will allow you to focus your time + energy elsewhere while you're hair is covered. Once your hands out of your hair, this reduces manipulation. Therefore, the possibility of breakage, single strand knots, split ends, knots and tangles is reduced. And as such, you won't be losing hair unnecessarily which is harboring you from retaining growth. 


3. Massage and Oil Your Scalp
Our body does what it needs to do on a regulars basis which includes providing the scalp with sebum needed for your new growth. Sometimes the sebum isn't enough needed to see a massive increase in your hair growth. This is where oiling and messaging your scalp comes into play. Applying oil to your scalp will allow it to absorb more vitamins and minerals from the oil blend/complex which promote healthier and faster hair growth. As well as, the massaging motion increased blood flow to the scalp. Our blood carriers nutrients needed to where it needs to go in the body. SO if we're massaging the scalp, then more nutrients will be provided to the scalp.. So The scalp is receiving a bountiful of nutrient from the blood and the oil which will promote faster, stronger, hydrated and overall healthier hair growth. With our //FLAUNT!// 100% WILD ARGAN OIL you can have the best of both worlds. This lightweight, 5-in-1 North African Beauty secret is 100% natural and helps you shine like only you can. Our custom blend contains Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant  rich in minerals and vitamins that your scalp needs. As well as, Argan oil which is North African beauty oil loaded with antioxidants and delivers fabulous shine.

4. LISTEN to your hair
Growing your natural hair isn't a complex task that requires a 10-step routine with a barrage of products. Simple is always better. You will find that the naturals with "long" hair do simple and minimal things in their natural hair routine. Their natural hair routine is dependent on what their hair needs because their hair will "speak" to them. Not in the literal sense but just by seeing and feeling their hair. You can tell based on the results of your latest wash and go, day 2 twist out, dryness on day 3, or having to restyle on day 4 into a bun. Your hair will let you know what's wrong so that you're able to come correct for it to flourish. And you've already started doing the ground work by reading part 1 and part 2 of our length retention series. Your not retaining as much length as you could be because you noticed a lot of breakage, clumps of hair coming out, or your puffs not looking fuller anymore. So congratulations ladies!



Now that you've found a few tips and tricks to add to your natural hair regimen.
Let us know in the comments which one you will be doing on your next wash day.



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