We recently did a social chat with our top Entwine customers who consistently buy our products throughout the years. We are forever grateful for their feedback on the products. Even though it was an hour long conversation, we decided to pull their favorite products from it. They told us the why and how they use it. 

Here's what they said :-

//GET CLARITY!// Hydrating + Grow CLEANSER

So I love the shampoo. I use the shampoo all the time, I always have. So shampoo, this has been amazing cleaning my scalp, just rinsing the hair, this moisturizes too. I'm going to, I leave it in my hair for a good 15 minutes and stuff. Sometimes I fallen asleep. My daughter, when I don't have time to condition her hair, I'll have her sleep in it and rinse it in the morning, and do her hair before she goes to school, because it's just that's how amazing it's been for us. So then this gem right here, this this jewel that I'm in love with.





//KNOW IT ALL!// Auto Correcting MASQUE

MISS KIM : And the newest product that I use that I really, really like is the know it all conditioner. I have to wash my hair every week, my hair will not perform well without it. So with this, the know it all, and yup, it's being used a lot over here. I love it because it's super thick. So a little bit goes a long way. It coats every strand and the slip is incredible. After I wash it, shampoo my hair and I don't use the regular conditioner, I just go straight to this the know it all, and it works. And I also deep condition with the know it all under my bonnet dryer.




//BOOSTER!// Butter Creme HYDRATOR

Miss Kim :  So the first product that I did try was the, the booster. And it's not a game, I've been using this forever. So and I still use this now. This is one product that I love for using on my hair because other products from other lines I've noticed dry my hair out. Not only does it dry my hair when it's supposed to moisturize, it makes my scalp itch.

You can have it all! A lightweight, water-soluble, quick absorbing hydrating & growth butter crème moisturizer helps the hair absorb more water, retain more moisture for HYDRATION that last 3-4 days longer than the rest. Thank us later





//KNOT LOVE// 9=1 Daily Hydrating+Growth LEAVE-IN, 8oz

Dee Dothard : And then I get it and I like I can saturate my hair with the leave-in, and I broke the top. But I use this down to like literally the, I'm like in the bathroom with my hand like, maybe that like like, I got to get that last little bit. And that is what seals in the moisture, more than anything else, I feel like. If I don't have this in my hair, I feel like I can't even move forward with the process. It helps with detangle in my hair. I can literally take my little detangling brush and go straight through it. I don't have to sit there and look at, you know, normally when you detangle, you look at your brush and it's like, My God, I've lost a lot of hair. That's not, that's not going to happen when I use my own. And it's called knot love

A 9=1 daily hydrating & growth leave-in conditioner is a natural hair “love potion” that seduces each strand. It helps boost the hydration levels of  all dry, damaged, slow-growing hair helping bring the vitality, shine and beauty back to your thirsty, limp, shrunken hair instantly.  This fabulous healing potion is the perfect companion to your pre - & post-styling regimen, so your hair can feel the love and is amped to be manipulated.



//AMP & GO!// Curl Amplifying GLAZE

S Danner: And then I saw amp and go and I'm into natural hair products. So what really drew me to this one was the okra sap and the aloe. And because there's a thing where you do that with flaxseed and it's time consuming, and you strain it and it makes this gel stuff. And if you don't do it right, it doesn't work, this became that. And we are using this, the amp and go and the know-it-all, and sometimes because of this, I even skip conditioner. I know people shriek when I say that I like [shrieks], but no that it is. Sometimes I just really have time for a wash and go. I do not have time for conditioner.

This long hold, naturally derived styling & designing glaze fie the hair the perfect balance of hold, hydration, shine & movement all in one BOMB @$$ jar. Go ahead and finally experience shine that just won’t quit, curls that stay poppin’ day after day and maximum elongation so even kinky, coily & zig zag patterns so they can enjoy every inch of length.

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