Textured Natural Hairstyles You Must Do For Fall

We love a good textured style because it shows your true length. You can do a rope twist out, braid out, or a flat twist out. Each of the styles stretches your hair to conform the pattern of the style. So you're able to gauge what's your true length without disturbing your curls. In addition, these styles are versatile. You can restyle it into an updo, bun, or even a ponytail.


For a rope twist out, you would  hold the two strands and twirl the left, then twist it to secure it. Then, twirl the right, then twist it secure it. Twirling gives you the rope pattern that you're looking for. As well, it allows your twists to become secured so it will last longer. 

Instead of having two twisted sections, you will have 3 with a braid out. For a braid out, you will be pulling three strands of hair over each other to create a "braid".  Braids are more secure than twists as you are using more hair. As well as the results are curlier than a twist out.

The flat twist out is like a cornrow but instead of braiding, you will twist your hair. As you twist along the scalp, you will continue to pull small mini sections of your hair into the twist to secure it.  You should keep twisting until all of the section is completed. 
Entwine Braid Out


4. Perm Rod 
Or, you can do a perm rod set out. For this style, you will need a bunch of perm rods. The more perm rods you have, the more defined your style will be. The fewer perm rods you use, then the more fluffy your style will be. You can play with the hairstyle by adding your flair to it. Whether you want to use a bobby pin, lay your baby hairs with the B.L.E.S.S. Firm Jelle Styler

5. Flexi Rod 
Flexi rod sets are another option. Although Flexi rods came about during the boom of the natural hair industry it is hair to stay. You can create different ringlets based on the size and the number of Flexi rods that you have. In addition, Flexi rods help to stretch your natural hair a the Flexi rods is lengthy.


6. Bantu Knot

Bantu knots are a classic hairstyle. They can be worn as in with the knots with gives you a chic and effervescent look. Or, for a twist-out season, you can unravel the knots to create a fluffy defined stretched curl pattern. You can dress it up as well as fluff to your desired length and volume.



There isn't a best textured style. It depends on the results you want as well as the time you have available to style. All of these techniques are  easy to learn that you will master with time, patience and practice. In addition, it becomes easier once you have the correct product to use. Which product is it?

It is our //THE MANIPULATOR// Creme Jelle STYLERThis is the Ultimate Natural Hair Styler for Maximum Curl Elongation, Definition & Style Longevity.  It is a multi-functional styling crème-gel that contains natural ingredients. As well as, real-world technology to shape your curls the way you want. All without leaving your hair dry or crunchy. 


  • H20: Essential to life, health & hydration
  • Style-Recall Fibers: Helps styles last 60% longer
  • Illipe Butter: The Moisture Retention Butter
  • Plant Protein: Strengthens hair up to 75%
  • Aloe Vera:  Natural moisturizer & style control agent



Now that you have three different styles to choose from, let us know which style in the comments you will be using?

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