What Your Hair Needs This Winter

Winter is quickly approaching and with the changing seasons we need hydration. So here at Entwine we got exactly what you need for the holidays. We created a holiday hydration kit that has exactly what you need. So what your natural hair needs for the holiday is hydration.
CLEANSER - First step is to cleanse the scalp only.
For your hair to absorb the hydration better ti needs t be cleansed.
In addition, to have better styling results, your hair has to  be thorughly cleansed s well. So you will massage your scalp with the //GET CLARITY!// Hydrating + Grow CLEANSER, 8oz  to lift the excess oil, dirt and debris. And, our cleanser contains peppermint oil which aids in stimulating hair growth.

DEEP CONDITIONER - Next is to repair and rejuvenate your hair strands from the inside out.  Our //KNOW IT ALL!// Auto Correcting MASQUE, 8oz is the first ever masque to scan the hair shaft to assess what it needs then provide it. Your hair goes through a lot from various styles, products, sleeping, etc. So ever so often it needs a treat which would renew and rejuvenate your hair strands.
HYPER-HYDRATION -  For extra dry, de-hydrated, slow growing hair, you should be doing the LHO Method. This moisturization technique will save your curls from experiencing dryness. And as such prevents breakage, knots, and even dry scalp! You need to apply:

(🧴) LEAVE-IN - //KNOT LOVE// 9=1 Daily Hydrating+Growth LEAVE-IN, 8oz 

(🧴) HYDRATOR -    //BOOSTER!// Butter Creme HYDRATOR, 8oz                                                                          
(🧴) OIL - 
//FLAUNT!// 100% WILD ARGAN OIL, 2oz



STYLE - We have a variety of styling products for a variety of options.
If you want a wash and go, you can use the //AMP & GO!// Curl Amplifying GLAZE, 16OZ
Or, fi you want a textured style. then you can use the //THE MANIPULATOR// Creme Jelle STYLER, 8oz
As well, if you want a slick back look then our //B.L.E.S.S.!// Firm Jelle STYLER, 8oz is perfect for you.

All of these categories are bundled into one of products which si our holiday hydration bundle. We placed all of our products into this one bundle just for you.

The perfect gift for a HEALTHY, HYDRATED & THRIVING holiday & new year. The HOLIDAY HYDRTION GROWTH & STYLE BUNDLE has it all in at a fabulous price.

Plus, it ships FREE! (U.S. only)

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