Why You Should Avoid Natural Hair Products Made With These Ingredients

Our natural hair is the crown that we should love, protect, and care for. One of the best ways of achieving that is by avoiding certain ingredients. Depending on the products used they may be called key ingredients. They offer our hair no nutritional value at all. They are cost-effective to manufacturers which helps them to produce their products in bulk. As well, it creates a fad by allowing the hair to glow so that it will look "hydrated/moisturized". However, your hair is in such a dry state than it ever has been.

Here are 4 BS Ingredients To Avoid In Your Natural Hair Products:
❌SHEA BUTTER - Shea Butter is a crowd favorite ingredient and is used in many butters and creams. However, shea butter just like the other ingredient sits on the hair shaft. So the product build-up is becoming harder to remove if you aren't using the "Correct" shampoo or cleanser. As well as, massaging the scalp to properly lift the dead cells and excess product from off the scalp. This is because it isn't penetrating the hair shaft to deposit nutrients into the hair's fiber. Also, many have had adverse effects of using shea butter on their by it becoming more dry and weak.

❌COCONUT OIL - After using coconut oil consistently if your natural hair routine will cause a build-up of oil. This build-up may be harder to remove with shampoos/cleansers because of the layers of build-up. Also, coconut oil is rich in protein because it contains lauric acid. Once used consistently through the pure oil form or in your natural hair products, your hair will become …. dry. Your hair is being consistently infiltrated with the protein over time. And so your strands will become stronger in the short term, but dry, stiff, and brittle within the long run. And more importantly, it coats the scalp. If you apply coconut oil to your scalp it will just sit there. It doesn't do much for your scalp which is already in a vulnerable position as it producing new growth, producing sebum, absorbing nutrients from the body, releasing air, and so much more for your hair to function normally.


❌SULFATES - Sulfates are combined in our shampoo to give us the "sud" with the extra squeaky clean feeling. Sulfates are not only used in our shampoos but are in our dishwashing liquids and laundry detergents. These products are used to remove soil from our plates and clothes, respectively. Why Would we want to use shampoos with the same ingredients as this deep cleansing product on our scalp? Our scalp contains product build-up, dirt, debris, and "Sebum". Sebum is natural oil produced by glands that are used to coat the new growth emerging from our scalp. SO if we remove it, what will our new growth receive for their nutrients?

❌SILICONES - Silicones are usually in our rinse-out/deep conditioners. These products are known to hydrate, strengthen and add shine and enhance your natural curl pattern. However, silicone does none of that. It coats the hair strand and provides the "plastic" shine that we all know. After rinsing out our conditioner and deep conditioner our hair is usually extremely shiny. But, by the time it is time to hydrate and moisturize our hair, it's dry again.

** Other Ingredients that function similar to Silicone include petrolatum, parabens, and mineral oil.

In all of our Entwine Products, they are made with zero BS ingredients.
All of these that we will start mentioning below are the ingredients that could be blocking your hair's blessing. It doesn't allow your hair to receive clean hydration from the inside out. And so your hair is dry, becomes harder to detangle, always shiny but never hydrated and the list goes on and on.

Which one of these ingredients do you avoid at all costs?


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