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Favorite Twist Out Product. Periodt!

I can’t say what it is about this styling product but it hands down is my number one product for my signature twist outs for years now. Nothing but love 💕 just got some for my sister and mother to try too.


I love the hydration products. It does just as it says! I love the smell and emollient texture of the product. It is perfect for adding moisturizing. I adjust amount depending upon the look I want to achieve! I am thankful to have found the best product on the market for my natural hair after YEARS of searching and experimenting.


This product is long lasting and has great hold as it pertains to twist outs. I have never had a twist out that lasted more than two days. With this product and the leave in conditioner I was able to achieve my goal of having a long lasting twist out!

The only thing that gives me lasting results.

I’ve tried other popular products for twist outs. This is the only ting that gives me and my daugter lasting hold. We both have type 4 hair if you follow that hair-typing system. It works even better in the winter.