(YOU+ME) Hydration & Growth AUDITION

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YOU. ME. WE. Coming Together Naturally. Entwine® means to twist, blend and bring together. We have brought together the very best of everything your hair needs for hydration, growth & haute couture styling. Now you can give everything a try in one haute trial set. Where HYDRATION + GROWTH come together.

New! Entwine [ME+YOU] Audition  Collezioni contains:

1-1.25oz Exotique Butter Creme HYDRATOR
1-1oz. Afrodisia 9 Daily Hydrating LEAVE-IN
1-0.25oz. Total Perfection 100% RAW + VEGAN ARGAN OIL
1-1.25oz. The Manipulator Creme Jelle STYLER

1-1.25oz. Epic Hydration + Curl Reviving MASQUE

"Life Gets Better When WE Come Together...Let's Entwine" 

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