//CLIP IT, CLIP IT REAL GOOD!// Sectioning & Styling CLIPS, 5pcs

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Hair Sectioning & Styling CLIPS

  • Set of 5 Jumbo Size Clips 
  • Holds Hair Securely 
  • Sturdy & Comfortable

What it is:

Jumbo professional grade non-slip croc clips. If you have big natural hair and regular clips are just too small to hold your hair then these extra large alligator hair clips are for you! Excellent for sectioning your hair for detangling and deep conditioning treatments.

How to Section Your Hair
Start by parting hair down the middle from front to back. 
Comb hair to get out any tangles.
Start the first section by combing from middle part to top of the ear, twirling and clipping in place.
Move then to the back lower section directly underneath, then to the other side to repeat.

Suggested Usage:
-For styling with damp hair, use the lower arm of the alligator clip to comb through hair into vertical sections for easier and quicker blow-drying.
-For styling with dry hair, use the lower arm to create horizontal sections, just below the part of your hair and clip.

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