Hydration Foundation FAQs

This page contains hair hydration basics for the Natuarlista who is starting her journey or the Naturalista who just needs a reminder about hair and hydration. Please contact wecare@entwinecouture.com with any questions you think would help the Natural Hair Care Community on our website.

Hair Follicle-the cells and connective tissue that surround the root of a hair. It is the part of the skin that ‘grows’ hair by packing old cells together. Hair is made up of two parts the hair follicle and the hair shaft.
Hair Shaft-It is the protein keratin that forms the strength of the hair, nails, and the outer layers of the skin. Hair is made up of two parts the hair follicle and the hair shaft.
Hair Cuticle-It is the outermost part of the hair shaft, it is formed from the dead cells overlapping in layers. These overlapping cells give the hair shaft strength and provide the protection needed for the hair to withstand manipulation, the elements, and general life wear.
Hair Growth-there are 3 phases to hair growth and decline.
    1. Anagen is the growth stage--hair grows anywhere from 2-7 years and is GENETICALLY determined. In general, most hair has a growth phase that lasts 2-3 years.
    2. Catagen is the regressing stage--a short transition where the hair STOPS growing and lasts 2-3 weeks.
    3. Telogen is the resting stage—hair is in the resting phase and this is what many vloggers/bloggers refer to when they say hair is ‘dead’ when looking at a full head of hair.
    Hair Growth in Inches-The average growth rate of hair is half an inch per month for a total of 6 inches per year.
      1. As stated above in the Anagen phase the hair growth rate for EACH person is genetically determined so this is an average some women will have a growth rate that is faster or slower depending on genetic make-up.
      Hair Retention-The process of retaining ‘keeping’ the hair that grows during the Anagen phase on the scalp for the maximum amount of time before the Telogen phase at which point the hair will be ‘dead’.
      Hair Hydration-is achieved by the amount of H2O your hair keeps during day to day life, the molecules within the scalp that travel down the hair shaft are too large to completely penetrate the hair but they do act as a sealing agent to retain the moisture deposited by products rich in H2O.
      Hair Shedding-During the Telogen phase when the hair has completed it’s growth (Anagen) and transition (Catagen) phases the scalp will shed anywhere from 50-100 strands of hair a day. This is completely NORMAL, the body regenerates itself and hair is no different.  
      Hair Dryness-It is caused when the scalp does not create enough oils that are able to travel down the strands of the hair to coat and thus lubricate the hair for moisture.
        1. Another cause can be if the scalp is creating the necessary oils, however, the cuticle is not secure enough to retain the moisture being produced. In African American hair the kinks/coils are tightly packed and the oils from the scalp do not readily reach the entire hair shaft. As a result, African American hair needs additional moisture rich products to achieve optimal moisture retention…Hair Hydration!
        Hair Breakage-When the hair shaft breaks from the scalp before the normal and natural shedding process takes places after the Telogen phase. Breaking can occur in several ways here are some of the most common.
          1. Lack of moisture & Oils-African American hair can have difficulty receiving the natural oils from our scalp due to the kinks and coils of our strands.
          2. Over Processing-One of the most common forms of over-processing is heat damage to the hair as well as damaging chemical treatments.
          3. Poor Diet-This one is a cause that many women do not consider or think of when eating delicious fatty, sweet, or salty items. However, not having enough protein, fiber, and good fats can prevent healthy hair growth.
          4. Stress-The everyday hustle and bustle of life as independent, free-thinking, and BUSY women can create a lot of unforeseen stress points in our lives. The stress can translate to loss of hair retention and even hair breakage if the stress is strong enough to affect the body for a long period of time.
          5. Illness-As with many things in life changes happen that are beyond a person’s ability to control. Having an illness that effects your body (and most illness do affect the body in one way or another) can affect hair growth and retention. Medications can also play a part in hair growth and retention and you should ALWAYS consult with your doctor if this is the case.
        Hair Trim-The slight cutting of the hair usually no more than 1-2 inches depending on the original length of the hair. The purpose of a trim is to give general evenness to the hair and maintain the current shape of the hair after a haircut. In general, hair trimming occurs as a touch up to maintain a current style anywhere from 2-5 times a year.
        Hair Cut-The shaping of the hair by cutting off significant length (generally 3 inches or more) to create a new shape or length of the hair. A hair-cut requires reshaping of the entire head of hair to achieve a desired style (e.g. a bob or pixie cut). Generally, haircuts are a significant difference in how the hair was originally shaped and are done anywhere from 1-2 times a year.
        Split End-A strand of hair that has become frayed (torn) at some point along the shaft. This is usually do to normal wear and tear of the hair or during human manipulation that creates tension on the hair and caused the tear in the hair.
        Can split ends be stopped/reversed? NO, once the hair has a break/split the only thing that can be done to STOP the continued splitting of the hair is to cut the strand or several strands that have experienced the breakage. The goal is to use products that prevent the hair from experiencing the trauma/tension that causes the split end to occur.
        Conditioning-The process of using a thick, creamy, and usually moisturizing hair product after shampooing that helps to increase the hair’s moisture levels, elasticity, and strengthen the hair shaft/cuticle layers.
        Leave-In Conditioner-Are a thinner version of common use conditioners, designed to be left in the hair after the shampoo and conditioning phases of the wash day routine. Typically, a LIC is used to maintain light weight moisturizing/protein benefits of the conditioner without having the same levels of build-up hair would have if conditioner was left on after shampoo.
        Styler-A crème, liquid, or solid hair care product designed to create a light to moderate style to natural hair. Typically, styling products are able to create twist outs, bread outs, bantu knots, wash & goes, etc.
        Cold Water Rinse-Using cold water after the shampoo and conditioning stages of a wash routine to close the cuticle layers of hair which lends to retaining moisture from the conditioning process and shine/sheen throughout the hair.
        Shine vs. Sheen-Shine is when the hair reflects light particles at a high level and thus gives the hair a glossy/reflective appearance. Sheen is a soft luster on a surface, which means when reflected it appears milder and less reflective. Most African American hair types achieve a sheen and not necessarily a shine.
        Bed, Blankets, & Breakage-Ensure you are keeping your hair OFF cotton fabrics or any fabric known to absorb high amounts of moisture. African American hair has low amounts of oil making its way through the hair strand. Any product used to infuse moisture will be absorbed into fabrics like cotton.
        If I’ve NEVER tried Entwine before which products are best to use for the FIRST time? The Audition Kit is the BEST value to get travel size amounts of the main line of products for up to 3-4 hair wash & style routines. Another great product is the Hydrator and Curl Manipulator Styler are 2 GO-TOs that work well if you just want to add a moisture component to you current wash routine.
        Can I use the Hydrator & Manipulator on wet as well as dry hair? YES, you can use these products on wet and dry hair. Depending on the kind of style you are creating will help you decide when to apply the products. For tighter kinks/coils apply when hair is wet, for more elongated looks apply when hair is dry.
        How often can I use the Masque? It is recommended as a once a week treatment; however, masques in general can be used based on your hair needs which can range from once a week to once a month. It is recommended to use a masque at least once every 14 days to maintain the overall health of the hair.
        Can I apply the 9 in 1 leave in and then add the hydrator and/or manipulator? Yes, you can layer any these products depending on your hair type. For fine/thin hair it is recommended to use no more than 2 hydrating products to avoid weighing the hair down. If the hair is medium to dense in hair strand thickness up to 3 products is sufficient for moisture retention.
        Does Entwine have samples? Unfortunately, at this time Entwine does not offer samples of the products. However, the Audition kit has been set at a price point to offer the best value for the products you get to try in the range.
        Will Entwine do product giveaways? Entwine is currently working on several initiatives to incorporate ideas such as giveaways…connect with us on our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter accounts to get the most up to date information on any giveaways being offered.
        What are the Giveaway Guidelines? General guidelines: All giveaways will be announced on Facebook & Instagram. Giveaways will be open for 24hrs unless otherwise announced. Giveaways are subject to the rules outlined in the give-away post to be eligible to win. Participants can leave as many comments as they would like; however, it will NOT increase the chances of winning. Winners have 24hrs from the time of notification on the Social Media platform to claim their prize by emailing wecare@entwinecouture.com, if the winner does not reach out within 24hrs the winner will forfeit the prize. Shipping estimates are 7-10 business days (US) and 12-15 business days (International), Entwine uses USPS services for shipping as outlined in our Shipping/Returns page.
        Does Entwine have wholesale retail outlets? At this time Entwine is reworking the wholesale retailer component of distribution; however, those interested are welcome to email wecare@entwinecouture.com and put Attn: Wholesale Inquiry in the email subject line for the necessary paperwork for consideration once distribution begins in the near future.
        What if you want to collaborate/get a sponsorship? Please email wecare@entwinecouture.com Attn: Collaboration/Sponsorship in the email subject line so that our marketing team can place you in the databank for future opportunities with the program.

        How long does it take for items to be shipped to my house? It can take between 5-10 business days (US) & 12-16 business days (International) depending on what part of the country the order is being shipped to. Please check out the Shipping/Returns page for specific details on shipment and returning items.



        Do you offer samples?