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Excellent Deep Confitioner

One of my favourite deep conditioners. My daughter and I alternate between this deep conditioner, Mane Choice Heavenly Halo and TGIN Honey Masque. We alternate so that our hair does not become dependent on one conditioner only. This allows our hair to thrive at its best. We apply the deep conditioner, cover it with a shower cap than the hot head or use the qredew hair steamer to apply the heat.

We always follow the instructions on the label regarding the amount of time the conditioner should remain on the head.

I have 4b/c hair and my daughter has 4c hair. We both use all three conditioners. Perfect for our hair.

This masque from Entwine leaves our hair soft, manageable and shiny. I deep condition weekly my daughter every 2 weeks as she’s only 3 years old and doesn’t have the time nor patience to always do her hair.

Once again this hair masque by Entwine coupled with our other 2 favourites mentioned above are the best.


Best twist out results. No frizz. Great product. Well worth the money. Like the argan oil too

Best styler

I just love this product. I have 4b/c hair my daughter has 4c hair. We both use this styler and we absolutely love it. No white residue, leaves are hair super soft no crunch and the definition of our twist outs and braid outs with this product is beyond amazing.

We have been using almosteverything from the Entwine line (detox, masque, Leave-in conditioner, hydrator and styler) for a couple of years now and we love it. Only the Argan oil we use a different brand.

Even with using this styler alone and not in combination with the other Entwine products this styler is still amazing. Despite the expensive cost for shipping to Canada I’ll always buy it as long as it’s being sold. Wished it was carried here at beauty supply stores.

1 x [EXOTIKA] Epic Hydration + Curl Reviving MASQUE, 8oz

Great! Great ! Products very satisfied customer.