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In 2010 at the early emergent of the natural hair movement we saw the problem most naturalistas were struggling with…

They were searching for solutions for their chronic dry hair problems

Searching for products that will bring out their unique hair texture

Styling products that will give them long wear definition, elongation and styles that lasted longer 

Products that helped them see more growth and retain more length

Since 2010, Entwine® has been more than just a hair care brand; we've been caregivers to a community of strong, beautiful Black women & girls and their cherished curls. We understand that sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of life, our hair can feel underloved, uncared for, and unprotected. That's where we come in.

At the very heart of our mission lies hydration - the foundation for all things beautiful. We believe that by delivering deep, nourishing hydration to every single strand, we aren't just tending to hair; we're nurturing a world of healthier, easier-to-style, shining, and growing curls.

But it's more than that. It's about love. It's about care. It's about protection.It’s about YOU!

You see, at Entwine®, we don't just care for curls; we care for the caregivers, the ones who give their all to those they love. We know that when you, me, and we come together to love, care for, and protect what truly matters, anything is possible.

So, here's to you - the givers, the nurturers, the protectors. Thank you for all you do. And remember, as you care for others, we're here to care for you, your curls, and your beautiful heart. Because together, we make the world a little more loving, a little more caring, and a whole lot more beautiful.

Welcome to Entwine® - where love, care, and protection are not just words; they're a way of life.


2010- “Emerge into the Couture” 

Entwine® debuted as the haute-couture approach to natural & transitioning hair care & styling with four hydrating & protective products.

2012- Launch of Afrodisia 9=1 Leave In Position 

2013- “Beyond Expected” 

2016- Sexy is Hydration 

2018- All about You

2020- “Together It’s Possible”

Brand relaunch with bold, graphic, neon vibrant colors

Amp & Go Curl Amplifing Glaze Launch

2021: BLESS Firm Jelle Styler debut  

2023- Caregiving, Hydrating Hair Care

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