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Boost Your Hair's Growth Potential!

Welcome to our Slow Growth Help section, where we're dedicated to boosting your hair's natural growth energy. We believe that your curls have incredible potential waiting to be awakened. 

Explore our handpicked selection of growth-enhancing products that strengthen your strands, reduce breakage, and pave the way for the long, lush curls you've been dreaming of. Your hair's growth journey begins right here!


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[get clarity!] Hydrating + Grow CLEANSER, 8oz.
  •  Get Clarity hair & scalp cleanser 

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[booster!] Butter Creme HYDRATOR, 8oz.
  • Booster Butter Creme Hydrator 

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[knot love!] 9=1 Daily Hydrating+Growth LEAVE-IN, 8oz.
  • Knot Love Leave In Potion



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[know it all!] quick fix condish, 8oz.
  • Get Clarity

  • Know It All

  • KnScalp Scrub



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[know it all!] quick fix condish, 8oz.
  • Booster

  • Knot Love

  • Flaunt


Hydrate. Define. Shine Trio 

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[know it all!] quick fix condish, 8oz.
  • Booster

  • Manipulator 

  • Flaunt


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BOOSTER Butter Creme HYDRATOR (8oz.) x 2


Exfoliating & Growth Arousing MASSAGER



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  • BOOSTER Butter Creme HYDRATOR (8oz.)


28% discount

  • BOOSTER Butter Creme HYDRATOR (8oz.) x 2

  • Exfoliating + Growth Arousing MASSAGER




B$ FREE FORMULAS for less buildup, follicle clogging that leads to dryness, damage, & slow growth           






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frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help!

1. What sets Entwine® CaregivingHair Care apart from other hair care brands?

At Entwine®, our commitment to "Love, Care, and Protect" isn't just a slogan; it's the core of our brand. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to providing premium, hydrating products tailored to the unique needs of Black women and girls. Our formulations are designed to promote healthier, growing, and easier-to-style hair, backed by years of expertise and customer satisfaction.

2. What’s a hydrator and what’s the difference between it and a moisturizer? Are they the same? 

They are not the same. A hydrator adds water to your hair, while a moisturizer seals it in. Some well known moisturizers are shea butter and coconut oil which are great moisturizers but because they don’t have water in them are not Hydrators. Hydrating your hair is essential because it's the first step in keeping it healthy and ready to grow. Entwine specializes in effective hydration to make your hair thrive.

A hydrator adds essential moisture to your hair, like giving it a refreshing drink of water. This step is crucial because hydrated hair is healthy hair, and it's the foundation for growth. 

Moisturizers, on the other hand, lock in that hydration, keeping your hair soft and strong. So, hydrating is what your hair needs first to thrive, and that's where Entwine excels, ensuring your hair is well-nourished and prepared for growth and vitality.

3. Are Entwine® products suitable for all hair types?

Yes. our products are “Texture Inclusive” While our primary focus is on the needs of Black women and girls, many of our products can benefit individuals with various hair types and textures. We offer a range of options, and our personalized quiz can help you find the best products for your specific needs.
4. How do I choose the right products for my specific hair needs?
Choosing the right products starts with understanding your hair. We recommend taking our personalized quiz, which considers your unique hair concerns and preferences. Based on your answers, we'll suggest a tailored regimen to address your needs effectively.
5. Do you have products for natural and chemically-treated hair?
Yes, we have products suitable for both natural and chemically-treated hair. Our offerings include solutions to help maintain the health and beauty of your curls, whether they're in their natural state or have undergone chemical treatments.
6. Are Entwine® products cruelty-free and vegan?
Yes, all Entwine® products are cruelty-free and vegan. We prioritize ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices to ensure our products align with our values.
7. Can I use Entwine® products on my children's hair?
Absolutely! Many of our products are gentle enough for children's hair. Always read the product descriptions and usage guidelines to ensure they are appropriate for your child's age and hair type.
8. How often should I use Entwine® products for best results?
The frequency of product use depends on your hair type and specific needs. Our product labels include usage recommendations. Typically, products like shampoos and conditioners can be used as needed, while leave-in treatments may be applied daily or as desired.
9. Do your products contain any harmful chemicals like sulfates or parabens?
No, our products are formulated without sulfates, parabens, or harmful chemicals. We like to say our products are B$ Free, with no ingredients that will block your hair’s blessings. We prioritize using quality ingredients that promote hair health without compromising on safety.
10. What is the recommended way to incorporate Entwine® products into my hair care routine?
We recommend starting with our personalized quiz to identify the right products for your needs. Follow the instructions on each product label for the best results, and remember that consistency is key to achieving your hair goals. We also have hundreds of how to tutorial videos on Youtube, Instagram & Tik Tok on how to get real results. 
11. Do you offer any tips or tutorials on how to style and care for curly hair using your products?
 Yes, we provide a wealth of resources, including tutorials, tips, and styling guides on our website and social media platforms. We're here to support your curly hair journey every step of the way. Explore our content for inspiration and guidance!
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