How To Maximize Your Wash N Go For The Summer

It's the season for protective styling and … WASH N GOs.

The heat pelting down on our hair will cause us to sweat especially in the scalp area. This usually results in frizz at the roots which will cause our hairstyle to flop. To avoid wasting product and time spent styling our hair, we have to maximize our wash and go this summer. Our curls need to stay popping longer than 3 to 4 days. 

Here's how to:

1. Section Your Hair
To get the best results, you should section your hair.
This makes it easier for you to properly hydrate, style, and manipulate each curl. You can split your hair into 4 or 6 sections, whichever you prefer.

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2. Drench each section with water
Water is our best friend in our hair care regimen. Not only does it hydrate your hair, but it also makes your curls pop. Your hair will absorb the water so that your natural coils start forming. Therefore, making the curls easier to form for styling. 

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3. Use Gels Stylers ONLY
With the high temperatures expected, do not use cream stylers. Cream stylers do not provide the definition and hold needed to make your curls last more than 4 days. Gel stylers have a stronger hold needed to maintain the definition.

Our //AMP & GO!// Curl Amplifying GLAZE contains okra sap which is the natural ingredient that provides hold, and sheen. In addition, water is the first ingredient which is best as it is the hydrator for life. As well, aloe vera is a natural conditioning agent which will penetrate the hair shaft with moisture. 
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4. Clump Your Curls:
After applying your gel to each section, you have to clump your curls.
Depending on your method you prefer, you can use a brush (as seen below) or your fingers. Using your fingers will be time consuming as you will have to curl  each and every strand for the curls to clump together. Or, you can use our //UNTANGLEMENT!// 3-D Detangling & Curl Clumping BRUSH which will clump your curls for you. 

5. Seal With An Oil
After you have completed each section, seal the curls with an oil.
The oil particles will sit on top of the hair strand. Then, you will do the praying hands method to coat each strand. So the oil acts as a barrier to prevent the hydration from leaving the strand. As well as, it prevents any element from distributing the curl pattern.

Our custom blend, //FLAUNT!// 100% WILD ARGAN OIL, is perfected to protect, condition & seal extra dry hair, skin and body from head to toe. 

6. Do Not Air Dry
Air drying will cause your curls to experience frizz as it interacts with the humid air. The meet the aim of maximizing your wash and go this summer, then you have to avoid frizz at all costs. So we recommend using a dryer whether with your diffuser, blow dryer or an at home dryer. This technique allows your roots to be dried first. Your roots usually take the longest to dry because it discovered by a lot of hair. As well as, if it isn't dried quickly then it will result in frizz at the roots and further down along the hair strand.

Let us know inn the comments if we're wearing wash and gos this summer and how long does it usually last?

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