We are made up of 70% H2O...Agua...Water.   We understand the power of WATER (H2O), water is the starting point of hydration. Just like our bodies need water to function; our hair needs water to be healthy. Absorption and utilitization of nutrients requires WATER! 

Then we blend exotic, 100% raw & vegan natural oils, butters and essential nutrients, and hardworking, results-oriented technology that helps our formulas better penetrate the hair shaft, depositing essential nutrients, vitamins & proteins into the hair fiber and then locking-in the moisture into the hair stand so that the hair stays moisturized longer.  

We call this hard-working technology our Hydra-Balancing Butter-Oyl Blend. This natural-science is PROVEN to help to regulate, retain and sustain the moisture levels of highly textured hair.




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Great leave in

This pairs great with the butter cream moisturizer. I some time use it for a curl rejuvenator. Love the slip It gives too.


This butter is the best. I used it after a wash and 5 days later my hair is still hydrated. I will purchase again.

Time Tested

I loved this product in the past and it still holds true today. A great strengthening treatment that does not leave your hair feeling fried. It actually feels moisturizing and has awesome slip. I'm sad to see it go.

Mask Up

I used this mask for 30 min under the dryer after clarifying my hair it made it my hair butter soft. I am so sad they are discontinuing this product. Get it while you can!!! I know I will!!!!

Hands down best on the market.

I have tried many products for natural hair, and I must say.... nothing locks in moisture and adds shine like the hydrator and creme jelle style mixed. Your twist will have body and stay hydrated for at least 2weeks to a month.. I'm very pleased.

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