What is a Hydrator? What's Not a Hydrator?

What’s a Hydrator?

Hydrators are products unlike Shea Butter or Coconut oil that are scientifically blended with essential vitamins, proteins, amino acids & humectants that help in the absorption & retention of water and moisture in the hair shaft.


Coconut Oils, Olive Oil, Shea Butter are not Hydrators, though they are good moisturizers or sealants. They sit on top of the hair shaft versus penetrating and depositing nutrients into the hair fiber. You will use a moisturizer AFTER  the hair has been thoroughly hydrated to seal and lock in the nutrients.

Simply put..your hair needs to be hydrated to be healthy, soft, growing and to help your hair have more elongation, definition and popping curls.  Hydrated hair is healthy hair. Hydrated Hair is Sexy!

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Great leave in

This pairs great with the butter cream moisturizer. I some time use it for a curl rejuvenator. Love the slip It gives too.


This butter is the best. I used it after a wash and 5 days later my hair is still hydrated. I will purchase again.

Time Tested

I loved this product in the past and it still holds true today. A great strengthening treatment that does not leave your hair feeling fried. It actually feels moisturizing and has awesome slip. I'm sad to see it go.

Mask Up

I used this mask for 30 min under the dryer after clarifying my hair it made it my hair butter soft. I am so sad they are discontinuing this product. Get it while you can!!! I know I will!!!!

Hands down best on the market.

I have tried many products for natural hair, and I must say.... nothing locks in moisture and adds shine like the hydrator and creme jelle style mixed. Your twist will have body and stay hydrated for at least 2weeks to a month.. I'm very pleased.

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