5 Ingredients To Make Your Hair More Elastic


Elasticity is important for your natural hair.
Elasticity is how quick your hair is able to return to it's original state when it is stretched. If your hair is weak or damaged, then it will not return to a healthy state when stretched. This is why you see heat damaged or extremely broken hair always in a stretched state while the other strands are curly.

For your hair you should ensure that you are using products made with elastic ingredients. These ingredients aid in nourishing your hair form the inside out so that it always stays in it's healthy state. 


Here are 4 ingredients that will make your hair elastic:



Water is the best hydrator for our hair. Once our hair becomes drenched with water it becomes elongated, heavy and thickens. Then, once the hair is dried it shrinks, becomes light and is less voluminous. Therefore, most if not all of your products should contain water. And more importantly, water should be the first ingredient in all of them.

Water provides the hair with clean hydration which is the first step in having healthy hair. Once your hair has absorbed all of the clean hydration, then you can seal it in. The preferred sealants are the next two ingredients below.



We know that there are a lot of oils in the market for you to use so there isn't any specific oil for you to use. It is important to note that oil and water do not mix. Once oil is applied into your hair it will trap the clean hydration in your hair.

Once it's trapped, it's harder for the hydration to leave your hair.
So your hair will stay moisturized for longer therefore it is acting a sealant.

Once the moisture is sealed into your hair it will stay moisturized for longer.
So you're able to retain your length, hairstyles as well as sheen.



Another sealant to use is a butter or creams.
They are filled with emollient properties which are able to hold unto the hydration added by liquids. As well as, it will soften the hair so that is supple to the touch. This makes detangling and styling easier.

The key butter/cream to use is illipe butter.
Illipe butter is the moisture retention butter that you hair will love and thank you for later. It will make your hair stay moisturized for longer.


Our hair strand property structure is a mixture of moisture and protein.
The three previous ingredients aid in moisturizing your hair from the inside out.
The hydrolyzed protein imparts the proteins that your hair needs to repair and rejuvenate it.

Our hair is only able to absorb hydrolyzed protein as it is more soluble for the hair strands. In addition, hydrolyzed protein are able to formulated along with other products. 

You will find hydrolyzed protein in multiple products, but mostly your conditioners. it can be a leave-in conditioner, rinse out or deep conditioner. These products are able to condition your hair shaft to renew it to it's former glory. So you're hair will be stronger, thicker, longer and even more moisturized. Therefore, improving your' hair's elasticity.

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