5 Signs Your Hair Is Craving Hydration

Our natural hair is the crown that we wear so proudly as we go about our day. However, there may be times within our journey that our hair is not performing as it should. There could be a lot of tangles, failed hairstyles, hair being dry by day 2, and our curls not curling as they used. This could be a difficult time as you may be using different products trying to get the affairs of your hair in order. However, what your hair needs may just be WATER. Your hair is craving hydration in the form of h20 that is seal in properly so it is absorbed for days. So it may not be that the product isn't working anymore. Or, that you need to run to the salon to get a trim. It could simply just be spritzing your hair with a spray bottle full of water before styling.



Here are 5 signs that your hair is craving hydration:


1. Your Hair Won't Hold Styles For Long - 

You'll notice that your natural hairstyles don't last as long as they usually do. For example, your twist out only makes it to day 2 without turning into a giant poof ball. Or by day 3, your wash and go can no longer be classified as wash and go. After dealing with your natural hair for some time now you will know when styles aren't working anymore. Instead of changing your product, hydrate your curls properly. The products and techniques that you could be using are not allowing your hair to hold onto the hydration for longer than 2 or 3 days.


2. Your Hair Becomes Harder to Detangle -

Our curls naturally clump together, especially when it is dry. The hairs will get stuck together which will cause friction as were trying to detangle. As well as, once they are rubbing against each other this will cause knots, split ends, and single strand knots. Also, the dryer our hair is the more prone to breakage. So if we're styling our hair drops on our clothes or were detangling there may be pieces of our hair all around us. Hydration is important in preventing all of this. When your hair is hydrated it will be easier to separate the tangles when they clump together. 


3. Your Hair Feels Overly Dry By Day 2 -

Wash days can be time-consuming so to go through it and then have your hair feeling dry by day 2 of rocking a flat twist out can be daunting. Also, if you're not used to your hair feeling overly dry in such a short period it can be worse. This is a sign that your hair isn't properly hydrated. If it was, it would feel dry by approximately day 5/6/7. Our hair will naturally lose water molecules to the environment as we go about our week since it is a natural process, especially if our hair is being let out. However, if we're losing these molecules faster then they were not fully absorbed into the hair shaft in the first place. 


4. Your Hair Isn't "Shiny" Right After Styling -

Everyone knows that post-styling glow of hair. Our twists are juicy, curls are coily, our color is popping, and there is no split/uneven ends insight. If after styling your hair, it's not like that then you might as well start over. This is a sign that your hair wasn't hydrated in the first place. So your stylers could be sitting on already dry hair which is offering no nutritional value to your hair shaft. 


5. Your Curls Are Limp

The state of your curls is a big indication of whether or not they need are hydration. If they are limp, stringy, or lackluster, then your hair requires some serious hydration. For this sign, you may have to look at your hair in closer detail. As some curls of the section of your hair may not be limp, while others are. For example, the curls in the middle of your hair may be limper than the curls at the perimeter. This is because you tend to put more hydrating products along the perimeter of your hair than you do in the middle. So it may not be your entire head of curls but a portion of it.



With all these signs you should be going back to the basics which are your technique and products. H20 is important to healthy hair as it is important to live. As much as our body needs water, so does our hair.


So you need to ask yourself these questions (Be Honest!)

  • Are you hydrating your hair with h20?
  • Are you sealing in the hydration using butters, oils, and creams?
  • Do you do the LOC/LCO method?
  • Are you ensuring that all of your product build-up is removed during the shampooing/cleansing process?
  • Are you hydrating before styling?



You can use any one of Entwine products that offer your hair hydration.

We believe that Once the hair is hydrated, you can unleash your hair’s full potential and do what you like, style it as you like, and live the hydrated life. Our Hydra-pHusion formulas start with water, fused with 100% Raw & Vegan natural emollients, vitamins & nutrients that are water-soluble, pH balancing, salon tested and scientifically proven to allow the hair to absorb MORE water, retain MORE moisture & BOOST HYDRATION so the hair stays hydrated 3-4 days longer than the rest. THAT'S REAL HYDRATION.


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What sign did you experience to know that your hair needed hydration? 
As well as what are you doing about it?

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