“The world needs our mothers.” —Liya Kebede


With Mother's day tomorrow, we thought we'd take you back to the good old days of our mom's combing our hair. Some of us looked forward to wash days as it meant mommy and daughter time. Our mother would cleanse our scalp at the kitchen sink. As well as, she'd oil our scalp using the good ole oils filled with "petroleum, petrolatum and mineral" oil. And, she'd properly style our hair into cornrows, twists, plaits, or buns for school, church or some fancy event that you had to attend. Others have not so great memories as we'd be called tender-headed. Or, the straightening comb that would get heated on the stove would have burned our scalp or ears as a result of us "moving". As well as, our mother may have reached her finale when she decided to take us to the salon to get our hair "permed". 

Regardless, of the end of the stick, you're on, many have attested to the fact that their hair was in a better condition when there mother took care of it. Now, comparing products and techniques back in the day to now have down a complete 180-degree spin. But we should take the basics of our mother's regimen for hair into our current regimen.

Her regimen was built on loving, caring and protecting our hair.
This is simple enough for any to follow by tailoring our regimen which includes techniques and protects.


When we were younger, every summer our hair would be in a protective style. It may have been braids for you so you know we had to spend 4+horus at the saloon with our butt in the chair. The braids kept your hair free of tangles while you went to spend time with relative and/or go to summer camp. During this period, your mom wouldn't be able to comb your hair everyday so this was the next best option. Not only was your  hair free of tangles, but it was free from the daily manipulation. This would reduce breakage, single strand knots, and split ends. As well as, keep the hydration locked in your hair in order to maintain your moisture levels. 

To add this to your current regimen, ensure you do protective styles ever so often. It doesn't have to be an elaborate style such as braids and /or wigs. You can even do cornrows or a bun for a week. As well as mini twists/braids for 2 to 4 weeks. Regardless, as long as you do a style that requires little to no manipulation as you go about your daily business. 


CARE FOR YOUR HAIR : Our mothers did use unfavorable products that have BS ingredients that did nothing for our hair. However, they didn't know any better but we do. We know that these ingredients harm our hair in the long run so we have to avoid them. We must use brands that cater to the longevity of our hair strands. Here at Entwine we do as research is heavily invested in to make sure that we are using the right ingredients necessary for the health of our hair. Most of our products are formulated with a hydra pHusion blend. Our Hydra-pHusion formulas start with water, fused with 100% Raw & Vegan natural emollients, vitamins & nutrients that allow the hair to absorb 46% more water. We're all about boosting our hair with CLEAN Hydration so that our hair stays moisturized for days at a time.

Our Product Catalogue Includes:

// GET CLARITY // Scalp & Hair Cleanser - It is formulated with ACV, Aloe, Biotin, +Gro-Peptide Complex™  needed to hydrate, invigorate the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

// KNOW IT ALL // 
Auto Correcting MASQUE - It is formulated with tucuma butter, plant proteins, and illipe butter needed to hydrate your hair while offering it strength and protection.

//  KNOT LOVE! // 9=1 LEAVE-IN POTION - It is formulated with water, biotin, illipe butter needed to hydrate our hair to keep it tangle free and protected at all times.



// THE MANIPULATOR! // CREME JELLE STYLER - It is formulate3d with aloe Vera and style recall fibers which allow us to have definition for days. Simultaneously, keeping our curls moisturized throughout the life of the style. 


LOVE YOUR HAIR: Loving your hair involves the previous ways mentioned. You're providing your hair with exactly what ti needs using products and techniques. All of which will help it thrive because you want it to get healthier. To take a notch up, you should be saying affirmations to your hair. This includes telling your hair it's beautiful or complimenting yourself when you wear your natural hair out. As well as, not comparing or envying other's people natural hair glory. For one day, your time will come.


How will you show your hair love the way your mother did when you were younger?







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