Best Definition Combo For The Summer's Heat

Summer is in a couple of days, and we can all feel the heat.
The time is getting hotter, or hairstyles are failing, and our hair gets 'poofy'.
With the new season, you have to switch up your product usage.
The change in product has to be suited for the season that we're in.

//THE MANIPULATOR// Creme Jelle STYLER, 8oz.

The Ultimate Natural Hair Styler for Maximum Curl Elongation, Definition & Style Longevity. This innovative multi-functional styling creme-gel is artfully-crafted and custom designed with natural ingredients & real world technology to create, shape and transform all textures, types and lengths of natural & transitioning hair without leaving the hair hard, dry or crunchy. #SELFDEFINED.

The technology formulated in the manipulator allows your curls to become malleable so it's easier to style. In addition, your hair will hold the 'form' of the style that you have chosen whether it is a twist out, braid out, flexi rod set or a perm rod set.



✔️H20: Essential to life, health & hydration

✔️Style-Recall Fibers: Helps styles last 60% longer 

✔️Illipe Butter: The Moisture Retention Butter 

✔️Plant Protein: Strengthens hair up to 75%

✔️Aloe Vera:  Natural moisturizer & style control agent




Apply a quarter size amount to sectioned damp or dry hair.
Work it in using the praying hands method from tips to root.
Use more as you need especially to the looser curl areas.
Then twist, braid, or swoop unto a rod set for styling.





//FLAUNT!// 100% WILD ARGAN OIL, 2oz

This lightweight, 5-in-1 North African Beauty secret is 100% natural and helps you shine like only you can. Our custom blend is perfected to protect, condition & seal extra dry hair, skin and body from head to toe. Never greasy, oily or heavy, this Alpha Series Blend is PROVEN to deliver up to 80% more protection, conditioning & anti-aging antioxidants.

The oil will lock in the moisture and definition from the manipulator. So you're hairstyle will last longer as it creates a barrier between the hair and the sun's heat. Therefore, keeping our hair protected throughout this season. Also, it adds another layer of shine, sheen and supple.


✔️Argan Oil: North African beauty oil loaded with antioxidants and delivers fabulous shine

✔️Vitamin E:  A powerful antioxidant, rich in minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that work together to protect against damage


Once your hair is already styled, apply a few drops of the Flaunt Oil into the palm of your hands. Then, coat the hair with it without overburdening the hair.

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