Caring For Your Natural Hair: Pre Protective styles

This means pool, parties, and protective styles.
Summer 2020 was affected by covid19 but this year, we're doing more.
We have been vaccinated [TWICE] so we're going out with the necessary precautions.

Before installing your preferred protective hairstyle, you should ensure that your natural hair is in a top-notch condition.

For a protective style, your hair is usually tucked away for a maximum of 6 weeks. So our hair has to be in a healthy state throughout this time. Although protected, your hair will be in various water bodies, rubbing against the braided hair, exposed to various elements of the environment, and not being cleaned for a long time. So getting your strands in the right state is best.

How do we go about doing this?

PRE Protective Style Installation:
Cleanse your scalp using a shampoo or a clarifier before.
While cleansing, ensure that you are massaging your scalp. The motion will lift the dead cells, product build-up, and sweat from the scalp. Therefore, ensuring that all the gunk is removed before installation. As well, it will increase blood flow to the scalp so that it can be absorbed.

Recommended Product:
//GET CLARITY!// Hydrating + Grow CLEANSER, 8oz.


Your hair will be receiving no form of treatment for a maximum of 6 weeks. You have to ensure that your hair is properly strengthened to withstand any future harm. As well as, moisturized since your hair will be receiving no hydration for a long time. Hair treatments are fortified with hydration and protein ingredients that will absorb into the hair shaft. The protein will repair any broken strands. As well as, fill in the gaps along the hair strands to make it whole. And more importantly, it will absorb into the hair shaft so that your hair can stay moisturized for a very long time.

Recommended Product:
//KNOW IT ALL!// Auto Correcting MASQUE, 8oz


Next, is to detangle your hair. Detangling your hair should be done in sections. The smaller the sections, the more detangled your hair is. Detangling your hair allows it to be tangle and knot-free. Therefore manipulating your hair becomes easier whether you are doing plaits, twists, or even cornrows. You can detangle your hair using your fingers however, you can also use:

Recommended Product:
//UNTANGLEMENT!// 3-D Detangling & Curl Clumping BRUSH


Finally, it is time to hydrate and seal your hair which allows your hair to BE and STAY moisturized. Your hair has to be properly hydrated and sealed as your hair will receive no hydration for up to 6 weeks. In addition, it will naturally lose hydration as your hair, although protected, comes into contact with the various elements of the environment. The best technique to use is the LCO or LOC method whereby Liquid, Oil, and Cream are used. Liquid is the best hydrator for your hair., And, the oil and the cream will seal in the hydration. Or, you can use a product that contains all three key ingredients. SO you'll be able to do the three-step routine at once. Your hair

Recommended Product:
//BOOSTER!// Butter Creme HYDRATOR, 8oz

Let us know what protective styles that you are doing for the summer down below!

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