How To Refresh Your Braids This Summer


We have all been there when we're just not ready to let go of our braids. They were costly and time-consuming to install. As well as, the style is absolutely gorgeous to let go of. You are able to stretch the hairstyle for one more week or just a couple of days for a special event or laziness. This can be easily accomplished once you use the right products. You need to keep your hair hydrated, frizz-free and with as much hold as possible.

Here are 4 ways to refresh your braids this summer :-



Hydrate Your Braids :-

The first thing to do is to hydrate your braids.
Hydrating your braids will 'refresh' the look and feel of your braids. More importantly, hydration is being absorbed by your natural hair which is needed. The more hydration your hair absorbs it will reduce the frizz, breakage, and tangles when it is time to unravel the braids.

With our //KNOT LOVE// 9=1 Daily Hydrating+Growth LEAVE-IN the hydration levels of your hair will be boosted. It is formulated with water, illipe butter and oils which are able to bring the vitality back into your hair strands. It is perfect for your post-styling regimen when you need to refresh your braids (and natural hair). 

Pump a quarter size amount into our hand.
Apply from tips to roots along the braids.
Follow up with the next step. 


Sealing Your Braids :-

After hydrating, you should seal the hydration in using an oil.
The oil will hold unto the hydration molecules that are on your braids and absorbed into your natural hair. Therefore, it will prevent any hydration from escaping. 

The //FLAUNT!// 100% WILD ARGAN OIL is the best sealant for your braids and your natural hair. It is a lightweight oil that is formulated with two key ingredients:- Argan and Vitamin E. Both oils are rich in vitamins and minerals that will protect your hair against damage as well as enhance the sheen of your braids.

Pump the desired amount of oil on to hands.
Rub hands together and coat your braids. 


Sleek Down Your Braids :-

Next it's time to sleek down your braids. 
To maximize the length of the style so as to prevent frizz and dullness, you will need a 'holding' agent.

The //B.L.E.S.S.!// Firm Jelle STYLER is perfect for your braids as the 'B' in the name stands for 'B-R-A-I-D-S'. It is a multi-use, flexible, non-stop hold braiding,  gel that helps protect, strengthen & perverse the integrity of the hair strand. More importantly, it is loaded with “STAY PUT POWER!”  which holds the hair in place for a long time. 

Apply a small dab and rub together in the palm of your hands.
Coat the hair with it from roots to tip.
Ensure to perform a pulling down motion to train the frizz or the hairs peaking out to lay flat and form to the motion. 

Laying Your Baby Hairs :-

The final step is to lay your baby hairs with our edge control.
Baby hairs do accentuate the overall look of the braids. As well as by week 4 our edges have fully grown out. 

Another use of our //B.L.E.S.S.!// Firm Jelle STYLER is for your edges. The 'E' in the name represents your 'E-D-G-E-S'. It is formulated with 100% Raw, Vegan & BS*-FREE ingredients that will nourish your scalp and edges while it's providing the hold. So it's not going anywhere without your permission. Your are able to sweep, swirl & sculpt designer edges & baby hairs with less breakage, damage & follicle trauma.

Apply a small dab on the finger tip to smooth down edges
Use a small brush to create desired style.
The product will start to cure in 5-10 minutes to its maximum strength in about an hour. 

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