Must Have Natural Hair Products When Travelling

 Whether you are traveling in-state, out of state, or even out of the country, you must have these natural hair products. They will save you a lot of hassle while you are traveling when your hair is the last thing on your mind. Do you think you know what they are?

Get your pen and paper.

From the chlorine from the pool, the seat builds up, the saltwater on your hair, and the different elements of the environment interacting with your scalp and hair, your hair is dirty. If you can't bring the liquid shampoo, bring a bar shampoo. Bar shampoos are cost, space, and spillage effective. This bar of soap is everything that you need within a good ole bottle of shampoo. And, it's activated only when water touches so there is no possibility of the shampoo leaking in your bag. In addition, shampoo bars work as they will get your scalp extremely clean/

Bring your deep conditioner to use as a "rinse-out" and "deep" conditioner. Deep conditioners can double as both because they have all the elements of a rinse-out conditioner and more. The only difference as we know it is that deep conditioners stay on the hair shaft for approximately 15 minutes to do deeper penetration and absorption into the hair shaft. So if you need to condition your hair while traveling just bring your deep conditioner.

If you want to avoid frizzy hair due to moisture loss then you need to bring your satin-lined items. This includes satin caps, pillowcases, scarfs, and/or satin hats. The cotton sheets and pillowcases that are offered at your hotel or air b and b are not good for the health of your hair as they will absorb the moisture that you worked so hard to hydrate, seal and secure into your hair shaft. In addition, if you are wearing a protective style while traveling you haven't bypassed this issue as your braids can rub against the cotton which will cause friction, knots, tangles and so much more. Therefore, satin is perfect,

Bring your accessories to help spruce up your hairstyle. You can bring bobby pins, headbands, scrunchies, gold clips, curly clips ins and so much more. All of these are great to give you a new look while you're on your trip. In addition, they allow you to stretch your hairstyles for the time of the trip. You will never run out of "looks" to match your various fits. Today you may want to wear your defined wash and go or braids out. However, tomorrow you may decide to turn your wash go into a low ponytail or your braids into a bun.


Edge control is important especially if you are going into water bodies. Your roots (including your edges) will become frizzy after having a grand time while vacationing. Also, the air may be extremely humid which will cause you to sweat on your scalp, roots, and along the perimeter of your hairline. So the best solution is to use "edge control". Not just any edge control, but edge controls that are manufactured with natural oils and gels. They will give your edges the hold needed while nourishing them at the same time.

Don't forget to pack these products when you're traveling.
They may just be the product that makes or break your hairstyle.
What are you traveling with and why this summer?

If you are travelling, ensure to be safe!


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