Products That Should Be Used During Protective Styling


Summer is right around the corner which is protective style season.
You can choose between wearing braids, twists, wigs and/or cornrows. 
With the variety of styles to choose from, there are as much products as well.

So we decided to make it easier  by choosing the products for you.
These are the products that should be used during protective styling.
They will provide hold, sheen and moisture!



  • Helps protect the hair fiber while in the braid so it comes out of the protective styles in better health, condition & retaining maximum length
  • Delivers flawless, clean, crisp parts 
  • Keeps the style looking fresh longer
  • Ideal for intricate, creative & designer styling techniques  
  • Get your Grip Game on Point! Gives extra grip to grasp even the shortest hair strands




During protective styles our natural hair is covered with the synthetic hair. The hair can be drying to the hair which makes it's susceptible breakage so we have to hydrate it.


  •  It helps boost the hydration levels of  all dry, damaged, and slow-growing hair
  • It brings the vitality, shine and beauty back to your thirsty, limp, shrunken hair instantly.
  • Keep moisture locked into your natural hair until you're able to unravel your braids




After you hydrate your hair using our knot love, you should follow up with a sealant to keep the hydration locked in.


  • Our custom blend is perfected to protect, condition & seal extra dry hair.
  • It's a lightweight oil that will not leave your braids feeling greasy
  • Rich in conditioning, protecting and anti-aging antioxidants for the health of your natural hair




Last but not least is to lay those baby hairs.
What's a good protective style without sleek baby hairs for days.


  • “STAY PUT POWER!” to keeps hair in place & under control for up to 24-hour
  • Sweep, swirl & sculpt designer edges & baby hairs with less breakage, damage & follicle trauma
  • Cares for & protects the hairline & follicle  
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