The Absolute Best Edge Control For Your Baby Hairs


We all have had bad experiences with edge controls. They promise 24-hour hold but they just don't live up to it. Or, they leave flakes in our hair that just mess up our day. As well, they leave our edges sticky, gooey, and just not cute. We have all been there.


Our B.L.E.S.S. Firm Jelle Styler is the best in the market as it contains "STAY PUT POWER". It gives your hair the 24-hour hold that you need to keep your edges and fly away at bay until you're ready to deal with them.


So, I bet you are wondering what is in it?

It is made with 100% Raw and Vegan ingredients.



The ingredients are as follows:

1. H20 - To keep your edges hydrated throughout the day as it is important.

2. Aloe Vera - To keep your edges moisturized to prevent them from drying out.

3. Keratin - To strengthen your hair starting at the roots.

4. Biotin - To promote healthy scalp functioning by producing sebum and growth.

5. Vitamin E - To protect the hairline while wearing tight styles, braids, etc.

6. Plant Protein - To nourish the roots/edges from the inside out.

With all of these luscious ingredients, your curls will be getting what it needs throughout the day. And more importantly, it doesn't contain harmful ingredients such as silicone, parabens, sulfates, shea butter, etc.


You can count on the styler to not flake, have white residue, or cause product build-up. As well, it won't leave your edges hard or stiff like other edge controls.



How To Use:
Our edge control is easy to use as you are able to get a slick back bun or ponytail. As well, create a unique S or C curl pattern along your hairline.

1. Apply a small dab on the fingertip to smooth down edges, repeat if necessary for even coverage.

2. Use a small brush to create the desired style.

3. Let dry in the open air. The product will start to cure in 5-10 minutes to its maximum strength in about an hour.

4. To remove, rinse with water.

* Use on clean hair.

**Do not mix with or apply over other products as this may hinder performance.


And, did we mention the benefits:

1. 24 Hour Hold

2. Follicle Enrichment

3. Protects the hairline

4. Perfect for all hair types: kinky, coily, and curly

5. Controls frizz and flyaways.




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