Why the LOC Method Is Leaving Your Hair Dry

You may have stumbled upon this article as you have also said "The LOC doesn't work for me at least at some point in your natural hair journey. You may have made it out of it or you're still in it. if you are, here at Entwine we're always ready to assist. We believe the only way to healthy hair is through CLEAN Hydration. Our hair needs hydration as the sebum (which is our hair's natural moisturizer) doesn't travel from the roots tot he ends. So we do it ourselves using the LOC or LCO Method. However, you have tried both techniques and they just don't seem to keep your curls moisturized.

Here's why:

1. You're not applying LIQUID only.
The first step in the LOC/LCO Method is LIQUID. You have to be careful when applying varying products as your L as some of them aren't just LIQUID. The LIQUID is another name for H20. So if you're using moisturizers that have water, oils, and butter, then you're going to apply OIL and CREAM, it's not going to work out. You're hair is overburdened with various products. So it will only absorb exactly what it needs. Then, it leaves the rest of your curls which leaves them feeling extremely oily and weighed down. So check yourself the next time you apply the L as it may not be the product, it could be your technique.

Recommended Product: //TOO FINE!// Ultra Fine H2O HYDRA-MISTER, 200ml
Water is easily penetrated and absorbed into the hair shaft. if you notice whenever you apply water, your hair soaks it up. Your curls become defined, your hair extends in length, and your hair even becomes shiny! So fill your spray bottle with water, and get to spritzing your curls. 



2. You're too heavy handed with the oil
Oil and water do not mix which is good and bad for our hair. If you apply too much oil it will cause your curls to become weighed down, oily and for oil to be dripping down your neck. At this point you have applied more oil that your hair needs. However if you apply just the right amount that the hair needs, then it is able to trap the h20 molecules added from your spray bottle. Once the oil covers the water on your hair strand, it stays. So the water has no chance of escaping which is what we want in order to keep our curls staying hydration. 

Recommended Product//FLAUNT!// 100% WILD ARGAN OIL, 2oz
This lightweight, 5-in-1 North African Beauty secret is 100% natural and helps you shine like only you can. Our custom blend is perfected to protect, condition & seal extra dry hair. Never greasy, oily or heavy, this Alpha Series Blend is PROVEN to deliver up to 80% more protection, conditioning & anti-aging antioxidants. 



3. You're cream isn't a butter or a cream
Many of us have been guilty of using a cream-based styler as our "C". This should not be done if you truly wan to moisturize your hair. Similar to liquid based moisturizers, cream based styler have additional ingredients. These ingredients may be counteractive as they stop the absorption, hydration and moisturization process. They may only be there to give you hold and sheen for styling. So it is best to use a butter/cream that strictly for moisturization. This ensure that what's in it isn't obstructing what you're trying to achieve which is to hold unto the moisture that you added in the L step.

Recommended Product: //BOOSTER!// Butter Creme HYDRATOR, 8oz
You can have it all! A lightweight, water-soluble, quick absorbing hydrating & growth butter crème moisturizer helps the hair absorb more water, retain more moisture for HYDRATION that last 3-4 days longer than the rest. Thank us later.




We recommend doing the LOC/LCO Method as it is the best moisturization process for your natural hair. What else do you think you're doing wrong for the LOC Method? 

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