How To Boost Your Length Retention Techniques

Growth is inevitable, as our hair grows 1/2 inch every month.
Studies have shown that out of all the hair types black hair grows the slowest at 1/2 inch per month. So, technically your hair is growing 6 inches a year.
I bet you're wondering how come you're not seeing it. You aren't because your length retention techniques are non-existent.

What are you doing in your natural hair routine to keep the length that your hair is growing?

Yes, there has to be key steps in your routine geared towards preserving the crown curls/coils/kinks that are growing from your scalp.

Here's how:

1. Using Satin Material Accessories Only On Your Hair

Satin does not rob your hair of the moisture that it has. It retains the moisture as much as possible. Therefore, your hair is less prone to breakage, single strand knots and split ends. All of which could be causing you to lose your precious ends. So the next time you want to place your hair in a ponytail, use a satin scrunchie. Before you go to bed, place a bonnet over your hair to maintain the style. As well as, if you're chilling in your bed make sure you're laying on satin sheets. 

2. Simplify your hair routine:
You do not need a 10-step wash day routine. Why? It is too much on the hair and no one wants to spend 7 hours on their hair. A lot of these steps could cause more harm the health of your hair as you're constantly in it. So you're hair is breaking, becoming limp, weighed down and so much more. In addition, your hair will only take what it needs from products and the rest will sit on your hair. So if you are using 10 different products just to create a style, your hair has taken what it needs. You should be following this routine.

3. Changing your routine for each season
What works in the spring will surely not work in the winter. Different seasons come with different temperatures that our hair has to adjust to. So in the winter because it's cold your hair will need a lot of moisture. However, in the warmer months moisture is still crucial however you can scale back the amount of moisture you're applying. Too much moisture during the warmer months can cause your hair to become weighed down, frizzy, and overwhelmed. Once it is in this state then it is prone to breakage.

4. Invest in High Quality Products
We all love to save a buck every now and again. However, you cannot be compromising on the health of your hair because you prefer to use a gel with alcohols. These gels are mass produced so they will be cheaper however the quality of the ingredients are not great. They rob your hair of all of the goodness that you worked so hard on wash day. We're not saying to be $5 for a deep conditioner but to be mindful of the value you're getting for the product when you prefer to spend $5 than $15 on certain products. Check out the Entwine Couture Line 


5. Say Healthy Hair Affirmations
Yes you need to be talking to your hair on this journey. It is forever ending so while you're are taking care of it manually, speak to it. let your hair know how much you love her for always growing. You love the shape of your coils/kinks/curls whether it is S/C/Z shaped. You love how your hair absorbs moisture. You will embrace your shrinkage as it is a true sign of healthy hair.
You can say these in the morning at night or on wash days.

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