Why Your Wash and Go Fails Every Week

You may have had bad experiences with your wash and go. Your curls aren't popping, your hair becomes frizzy, your hair has flakes and so much more. So you're wondering "what could I be doing wrong" or you're saying "I followed all the steps what wrong?". Many things may have went wrong in your regimen process.


Let's begin:

1. You didn't keep your curls damp throughout the process:
Wash and gos are about keeping your curls extremely defined. If your hair isn't wet or damp, how will your curls start forming? Some products will immediately highlight your curls once applied. So you have to spritz your hair with water before applying the product. So get your spray bottle and spritz your air water so that your curls start forming as the water is absorbed into the hair shaft. This will make it easier for the holding agent to hold unto the curl pattern.

Recommended Product: //TOO FINE!// Ultra Fine H2O HYDRA-MISTER, 200ml

2. Your are not defining your curls with a technique or a tool
Some of our curls need an extra push in the right direction. So you have to use have to use tools or different techniques to get you there. Some naturals prefer to finger coil or shingling their curls. Individually stroking each curly strand by smoothing the product down aids in defining the curls even better as there are no flyaway. As well as, using a detangling brush allows the curls to clump better together so you're able to see more definition.

Recommended product: //UNTANGLEMENT!// 3-D Detangling & Curl Clumping BRUSH



3. Not using a sleek styling agent
Let's face it, some of the products that we use to style our hair for wash and gos should not be used. The product could not be designed to give a curl defend wash and go results. Or, there is no styling agent such as okra gel that will define, sleek and clump the girls together. Or, there are more chemical based ingredients than natural ingredients that will nourish your hair with hydration so it doesn't frizz by day 2. So what should you be using?

Recommended Product: // WASH N GO// BUNDLE


4. You're not sectioning your hair
To get he best results, you have to section your hair. Depending on what works for you, you can do 2, 4 or even 6 sections. The better results, the more sections you need. You'll be able to focus on section at a time, specifically one cur at a time. We recommend section into 4 parts, as you're able to see what you're working with as your curls fall and set. In addition, you can decide on which side the hair should be parted or if it should be parted right down the middle.

Recommended product: //CLIP IT, CLIP IT REAL GOOD!// Sectioning & Styling CLIPS, 5pcs

5. You're letting it air dry 100%
With global temperatures rising, lets face it - the time is getting hotter. This means that our hair will get frizzy as the heat will start to generate it. IN addition, if you sweat in your scalp hen your roots will automatically become puffy in no time. Therefore, we recommend not air drying your curls 100%. You can do 50%, then use a diffuser for the other 50%. The diffuser will concentrate the coo air to ensure that is being evenly spread throughout the hair. It prevents you from having one section completely dry and the other a little bit damp which can ruin the hairstyle.

FYI >>> Wash and go Guide

Try these steps and let us know down below.
Do they work? Did they work? What will you be doing differently in your regimen?

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